5 Incredible Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

Salt water hot tubs are becoming more commonplace now that consumers understand how beneficial they are compared to fresh water tubs. But if you still need some background information about salt water and how it could be better, here are five undeniable benefits of switching to salt water.

1. The Greener Choice

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A salt water tub is more eco-conscious than a tub that cleans with chlorine. You’ll change the water in a salt water hot tub much less often. Some systems boast that you could reuse your water for up to a year and it would still be perfectly clean and sanitary.

Salt water systems also don’t use as many chemicals, so owning one is much easier on the environment. Both factors make salt water the clear winner for any consumer concerned about their impact on the world.

Salt water tubs will use less energy overall — just another way that salt water proves more eco-friendly than alternatives. And because the hot tub industry is aware of consumers asking for greener choices, you can easily find a model that designs its concepts with this in mind.

2. Less Chemical Use with Mineral Filtration

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Chlorine is synonymous with keeping pools and hot tubs clean, but it doesn’t come with many advantages. Harsh chemicals like chlorine can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin. Chlorine also has a distinct smell that you’ll carry around everywhere you go once you’re done with your soak.

Additionally, It’s a little nerve-racking to have chemicals like these lying around the house if you have children or pets. And when those chemicals get in your eye? That’s anything but relaxing.

You can avoid these issues when you purchase a salt water tub. These tubs use a mineral filtration system to stay clean. Minerals like copper and silver are incredibly effective in fighting back against bacteria and algae. While salt water tubs still use chlorine, it’s derived from salts in the cartridge and released much more slowly.

If you aren’t a fan of harsh chemicals and prefer a more natural route, a salt water hot tub is the choice for you.

If you want to delve deeper into water care for salt water systems, take a look at this other informative blog post, “Is Water Care Easy for a Saltwater Hot Tub?”

3. A Better Wellness Experience

Many people love hot tubs for the relaxation they bring to their lives, but some also appreciate them for therapeutic reasons. If you fall into that category, you’ll be much better off with a salt water hot tub. It’s almost like having a personal mini hot spring all to yourself!

The increased salinity in the water makes you more buoyant. And floating reduces stress on muscles and joints, making it the perfect way to soothe aches and discomfort. This hydrotherapy is beneficial for everything from easing a tired body after an exercise regimen to helping you alleviate discomfort from chronic pain.

Not only is salt water easier on your skin but it can also make it softer. The minerals in salt water systems have gentle exfoliating properties, revitalizing and nourishing every inch of your skin. Your hot tub water will also feel softer — a nice, comfy bonus from opting for a salt water tub.

4. Easy to Maintain

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Traditional tubs require a lot more care. You have to remember to add and adjust chemicals for better balance as well as switch out the water frequently. This level of maintenance is enough to turn a relaxing experience into a frustrating one.

Salt water hot tubs don’t require nearly as much attention. The minerals will help keep the water cleaner longer so you’re switching it much less. Additionally, you’re saving time and money by not having to buy and administer chemicals as often.

5. Modern Functionality

Salt water hot tub models are typically more sophisticated since these systems are rapidly gaining popularity. This news is excellent for the consumer, as you’ll have some of the most state-of-the-art technology to help you with your hot tub maintenance.

As for testing your water, you’ll do that only once a week, and many systems have ways to make this even easier for you.

Access the Salt Water Experience Today

Are you starting to become sold on salt water? You’re in good hands — International Hot Tubs sells the finest hot tubs with salt water systems in the Denver, Colorado area. Call us today to learn more about our hot tubs or schedule a wet test and try one out for yourself!

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