Is Water Care Easy for a Saltwater Hot Tub?

If you’ve never owned a saltwater hot tub before, there is always the added learning curve to caring for your water appropriately. But did you know that the FreshWater™ Salt System makes it easy? Caring for a saltwater hot tub has never been more simple. Let’s walk through what a year with a saltwater hot tub would look like for you.

Initial setup for your saltwater hot tub.

Once your saltwater hot tub has been delivered and installed, in your space, you will want to begin by filling the hot tub with water. You can do this simply enough with your hose. It will take a few hours to fill completely, but without a lot of effort from you – just be sure to monitor it while it fills. The full kit you get from us will have everything you need to get the water set up initially. 

Use the provided test strips in your kit to test your spa water and balance it according to the instructions. This means checking the pH and calcium levels to be sure those are fine. Also be sure to check the chlorine levels with these strips. You will need to add chlorine at first to get things at the correct levels. After the levels have been maintained for a few days, you will be able to depend on the salt system cartridge to keep your water in check.

Check on your levels once a week, depending on how often you use your hot tub.

You will still want to keep an eye on the levels of your hot tub water at least once a week or oi weekly. Check the chemical levels with your test strips to see if they are where they need to be. If you aren’t using your hot tub all of the time, you can do this less frequently.

However, if you are using your hot tub daily or multiple times a week then you will want to check it more often. When anything looks out of balance, you can correct it then, but the salt water system should help keep itself well maintained. Since the saltwater cartridge converts the salt to chlorine, you should not have to add chlorine to your hot tub after the initial start-up. The salt cartridge will keep the water clean and chlorine levels balanced for you but you will still need to keep your pH and Alkalinity balanced.

Change out the FreshWater Salt Cartridge once every four months.

So long as pH and Alkalinity are staying balanced, you will only need to change out the salt cartridge once every four months. This means that changing the salt cartridge three times per year could be the most of all you have to do to maintain your hot tub, other than keeping your pH and Alkalinity balanced! It really doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to water care. So, go get a FreshWater Salt System and enjoy a saltwater hot tub that is easy to care for.

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