How to Plan Where to Place Your Hot Tub

Do you have your hot tub selected but aren’t sure where to place it? IHT knows that it is a crucial decision to make, considering how difficult it is to move a hot tub around. So, we are here to help you with expert suggestions and even an app that will allow you to use augmented reality (AR) to see what things will look like before the actual unit is in place! 

If you are going to put your hot tub in your yard, there are several things to consider first.

One of the most popular places to put your new hot tub is in your backyard or side yard. Use the Hot Springs AR app® to view the tub in place. Before you make your final decision, though, we have a few questions to consider. 

Where is the most level section in your yard?

Take a step into your backyard and survey the area. Is your yard on a steep slope? Do you have a level area large enough for it? If you already have a level space, this could save you time and money when installing it.  

Is there an existing outdoor area you want your hot tub to be near?

If you already have a patio or outdoor kitchen area set up, do you want the hot tub to be near these things? If so, plan to put it there. It is also worth noting that you must connect them to the electrical, so the closer to the existing panels, the better.

Do you have a view you want to highlight?

Last, did you buy your house because there is a fantastic view from your backyard? If so, this is likely where you will also want your hot tub. Having a stunning view while relaxing only makes things better.

If you put your hot tub on a deck or patio, ensure it can hold the weight. 

You will want to have a professional check that things are structurally sound before placing a hot tub on something. Hot tubs are heavy on their own, much less when you add water and bathers! Ensuring that your deck can hold the weight will save you horrible accidents later. See what things will look like using the Hot Springs AR app here as well. Ask your sales rep to provide pre-delivery guide to make planning easy!

If you plan to put your hot tub inside your home, you will want to check several things.

Many people are unaware that you can place a hot tub inside your home, but you can. There are several things to look out for, though.

Check that your area can hold the weight.

If the tub will not be on the bottom floor of your home, you will want to make sure that the area can hold the weight. As we said before, a professional should look this over before placing it.

Check that the flooring and wall materials are a good match for moisture-heavy areas.

You will also want to consider the types of flooring and other structural materials placed in the room. With so much extra moisture in the air, things can be damaged quickly if you don’t have the right products in place. You also want to make sure people aren’t slipping and falling on slick floors. 

Most importantly, most hot tubs do not fit through standard doorways. Choose your hot tub based on what doors it will need to fit through, or plan to build the access you need. Your sales rep can assist you with planning.


No matter what you decide is best for you, IHT is here to help make it happen. Stop by our store today to see all the hot tubs we have to offer and how they can best fit your needs. We can’t wait to see you!

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