Hot Spring® AR App

Hot Spring® Spas Virtual View™ AR App

Wondering how your Hot Spring Spa will look and fit in your backyard? Consider using the new Virtual View AR (augmented reality) app from Hot Spring!

The Virtual View AR app eliminates the guesswork from spa shopping by allowing you to visualize any spa model and color combination in your own backyard–all you need is your phone!

View Your Spa Options

Customize your ideal Hot Spring Spa and save your favorites!

Spa Collections and Models

Scroll through the different Hot Spring collections and models. Learn more about the size and number of jets and seats each model offers. 

Shell and Cabinet Colors

Once you’ve narrowed down your spa model choices, mix and match the shell and cabinet colors to find a combination that suits your style and backyard best. Have fun with it!

View it in Your Backyard

After you’ve saved a few favorites, see how they look in your backyard! Hold up your phone or tablet and face it where you’d like to visualize your Hot Spring Spa. On your patio? Deck? Gazebo? Play around with it, try different angles with a twist of your fingertips, until you find the perfect placement.

Once you have your dream spa (or spas!) picked out and you know exactly where you want to put it in your backyard, share your favorites with your IHT salesperson. The Virtual View AR app makes it easy to connect with your nearest IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces store and make your dream spa a reality. 


Download the Virtual View AR App Today!