4 Reasons to Invest in a Covana Cover

Is your hot tub cover looking less than desirable? If so, it’s time to come by IHT and pick up your brand new Covana® cover and automated gazebo! While it may cost more than other spa covers upfront, you will see that it was worth every cent you invested over time. You only need to see the fantastic Covana covers in action once to get what the big deal is. Once you have experienced them firsthand, all other hot tub covers will pale in comparison. Covana is more than just a cover, it’s a gazebo that offers protection and privacy.

1. The Covana Cover Offers Automation

The most epic thing about the Covana covers is that they offer complete automation. You can lift and lower your hot tub cover with just the turn of a key. Never worry about how heavy it’s getting or maintaining lift equipment again. 

When you are ready for a soak, simply walk outside, turn the key, and in just 20 seconds, the Covana cover will rise into the air to reveal your hot tub ready to go and convert into a beautiful gazebo for you to relax under. What more could you ask for than protection for your hot tub and yourself all at once?

Better still, when you are finished soaking, turn the key again to close the cover. It will seal off your hot tub, saving you money on operating costs by keeping the warm air contained within the hot tub. 

2. The Covana Cover Offers Durability

As if the automation wasn’t enough reason to want a Covana cover, the durability is unmatched. Traditional spa covers need to be replaced around every three to four years, depending on use and care. The Covana covers will last the lifetime of your hot tub or spa. 

Since they are made of aluminum and specialized durable plastic, they can easily withstand rain, snow, and ice. Traditional covers are made of foam and vinyl-type materials which just can’t compare in durability to these amazing creations. 

3. The Covana Cover Offers Beauty

Unlike other spa covers that simply sit to the side when you remove them, a Covana cover will become a beautiful gazebo when you turn the key to lift it into the air. Save your money building a gazebo after buying a hot tub and cover, and instead, get the all-in-one cover to create a beautiful, modern centerpiece for your yard. Add the beautiful privacy panels and lighting and your hot tub soak is complete.

4. The Covana Cover Offers Privacy

Once you have raised your Covana cover, not only will it act as a stunning gazebo, but you can also let down retractable shades that are built in. These can allow you to create a very private soaking experience in your own “room” of sorts. Never worry about your nosy neighbors again. 

If it is time for an upgrade, come by one of IHT’s Denver locations to see these amazing covers for yourself. With options for hot tubs and swim spas, there is something for everyone. You can customize yours the way you want and not worry about purchasing another spa cover for many years. Make your backyard more beautiful with a Covana cover today.

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