Where Can I Get a Replacement Cover for a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

You may have noticed that your current hot tub or swim spa cover is getting heavier by the day. Maybe it hasn’t gotten overly heavy, but there are numerous signs of wear. These things all mean it is time to get a replacement cover for your hot tub or swim spa! Where do you get a replacement cover? A quick google search will pull up many options of places to buy your next cover, but here are just a few places you could shop, and our opinion on which place is the best!

You could get a replacement cover for a hot tub or swim spa online.

This is completely obvious in today’s culture, but you can get a replacement cover for a hot tub or swim spa online. Online retailers will have plenty of options for you to choose from. They will also be on the cheaper side. 

A word of caution before ordering online. Since the covers are cheaper to buy, they are also made more cheaply. This means you will be going through these types of covers quickly and replacing them more often. 

It can also be tricky to ensure you purchase the correct size cover. So be sure to triple-check those measurements before ordering. It can also get expensive to have these covers shipped to you. These shipping costs can sometimes offset the savings of the cover itself. If you end up ordering something that doesn’t fit, exchanging it can also be quite a hassle. We advise thinking this decision through carefully and double-checking everything before purchasing. 

You could get a replacement cover at a box store.

The second most intuitive place to get a hot tub or swim spa cover is a big box store. They will also have options for you to choose from. We would again caution you to do homework before purchasing from one of these places for the same reasons you should be cautious purchasing online. These products tend to be made with cheaper materials and will not last as long as higher quality products. You can also run into issues with sizing if working with someone who is not familiar with hot tub or swim spa products.

The best place to get a replacement cover is from your local hot tub and swim spa dealer.

hot tub cover on a hot tub

Your local IHT would love to help you choose the perfect cover for your family. Not only will your local store have all the options you want, they will also have knowledgeable people available to ensure you get the best cover for your specific spa. We have three great options.

  1. We have more affordable, but still high-quality traditional replacement covers from Hot Spring® and Caldera®, These are made specifically for your Hot Spring and Caldera hot tubs to give you the best fit, and best savings.
  2. The Smartop® cover is built to last longer, to repel water so there is not a waterlogged cover over time, and is designed for optimal heat retention.
  3. The top-of-the-line Covana® gazebo is automatic and opens and closes with the turn of a key. Once they are open, they become a covered area for your hot tub or swim spa! These beautifully designed gazebos remove the need for an additional cover and seal the heat in when closed. 

These are the three most common places to purchase your next replacement cover for a hot tub or swim spa. Be sure you take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each place you can purchase. Your hot tub or swim spa is an investment worth protecting. IHT wants to ensure you continue to invest your hard-earned money well. Let us help you purchase your next spa cover! We will discuss our three options and help you choose the cover or gazebo that is right for you.

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