6 Hot Tub Supplies You Need for Spring

Are you planning to include your hot tub in your spring cleaning routine? IHT has all the hot tub supplies you need to make sure it is left sparkling clean and good as new. Make sure you can continue to enjoy your hot tub for not only the season but also for years to come with a few simple hot tub supplies and steps.

1. Jet and Drain Cleaner

Before you drain the water, you will want to grab the first of your hot tub supplies, a jet and drain cleaner. Pour this into the water and run the pumps for the specified amount of time on the instructions. 

After it has had time to circulate through all the pipes, you can move to the next step of draining your hot tub.  

2. Water Hose and Submersible Pump

Next, you will want to gather a water hose and a submersible pump to drain your hot tub. This step can take a little while, so you can do a few other things while you wait for the water to drain. While all tubs come with a drain, a submersible pump does the job quickly.

Getting rid of all the water in your hot tub helps your pumps and filters to keep things cleaner and fresher for you. No one wants to be bathing in water that has been sitting around for years. Plan to drain and fill things every three to four months during the year.

Some Hot Spring® and Caldera® hot tub models can also be upgraded with the FreshWater® Salt System. This chlorine generating system reduces the amount of water care chemicals needed and when used right, can even reduce your hot tub drain and fills to just once a year.

3. Filter Cleaner and Bucket

While the water is draining from your hot tub, grab your next set of hot tub supplies, filter cleaner, and a bucket. You will mix water to dilute the filter cleaner in the bucket, and you can remove your filter and place it there to soak.

Once it has been allowed to soak, you can remove the filter and spray it off. Use a brush if you have more stubborn spots, but don’t be too rough with it. If things won’t come clean, it is time to replace your filter.

4. Wash Cloth and Mild Cleanser

While you are waiting on water to drain or allowing your filter to soak, you can grab some more hot tub supplies to keep cleaning things and speed up the process.

You will want a mild cleaner and a washcloth or sponge. Use these supplies to wipe down the shell of your hot tub, focusing on the headrests and water line. These are the places dirt and grime tend to collect. Check with your hot tub store for recommended cleaners.

You can also use this opportunity to wipe down your cover while waiting. 

5. Start-up Chemicals: Chlorine, Shock, and pH increaser

Once the water level of the hot tub is full, and the water is reheated, you can add chemicals. These basic hot tub supplies include chlorine, shock, and a pH increaser

Follow the instructions on the labels and allow time for the chemicals to mix into the water. 

6. Water Test Strips

Finally, you will want to grab water test strips or a water test kit. Use these basic hot tub supplies to finish balancing your water chemistry like normal. 

You are now ready to enjoy your freshly cleaned and scrubbed hot tub this spring! If you still have questions, reach out to IHT, and our experts will help you get things going or assist you in purchasing a hot tub of your very own.


All of the water care and other hot tub supplies you may need are available for purchase in our online store, so you never even need to leave home to purchase them. If you have any questions, however, we have in-store experts ready to assist you with caring for your hot tub this spring. Also consider our auto ship program which ships your water care products right to your door at the best savings! Call the store to learn more today.

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