The Best Way to Find Quality Used Hot Tubs

Buying used hot tubs can be a fantastic way to save money and get a superb deal on a quality hot tub for your home. You do need to be cautious when purchasing these, though. The best place to go is your local IHT store to see what we have to offer. If you choose a used hot tub from an individual who is selling it on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or by other means, you have no idea what you are actually purchasing. Using a reputable store is the best way to find quality certified pre-owned or refurbished hot tubs. Here’s why!

Experts Inspect the Used Hot Tubs

The biggest reason to purchase a used hot tub from a dealer is that we know what to look for in that specific brand. We deal with these brands every day and work with the manufacturers as well. The relationships we have built add to our knowledge and give credibility to what we are re-selling to you. Before we ever even decide if a hot tub will be re-sold, we do a thirty-point inspection on them to see if they are in good enough condition. If they do not pass, they are not re-sold. Since most of our spas come in through our trade-in program, we usually also know the maintenance history for them.

Our Used Hot Tubs Come with a Warranty

We also back our refurbished hot tubs with a warranty. A person on Facebook cannot offer this. Peace of mind that should something go unexpectedly wrong, we will repair things or replace them for you is worth so much. If used hot tubs aren’t coming with warranties, that is a sign to go somewhere else for your purchase. 

We Always Replace the Filters on Used Hot Tubs After Our Inspection

When our experts inspect the hot tubs that are traded in, they will always place new filters to ensure health and cleanliness for anyone who may use them in the future. New filters mean that your hot tub will be ready to go once you get it home without concern for germs.

We Use Factory-Certified New Parts to Replace Any Worn Ones

Should a part need to be replaced on our used hot tubs, we will always use a new one from the factory. Some repairmen from other companies may use a piece from another scrapped hot tub instead of purchasing a new one. We want only the best for our customers, so we are always going to replace it with a new part. 

They Come with the Backing of a Reputable Company Whose Reputation You Can Trust

IHT has been in business since 1978. We have spent years cultivating our reputation in the community and have significant incentive to maintain it. You can trust that when we say our spas will run wonderfully for you while saving you money, we mean it.

 IHT has a rotating selection of incredible pre-owned spas available if you are in the market for used hot tubs. We keep our website updated, but if you see something you like, be sure to act fast. These deals typically don’t last very long. We would hate for you to miss out. Come to any of our four Denver locations in person today to see what amazing deals await. 

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