5 of the Trendiest Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for the Holidays

While the tree may be a focal point for your holiday decorations, your room is typically centered around your beautiful fireplace. Decorating your mantel well can make or break your space. You, of course, can hang your stockings there, but you don’t have to. There are so many fun and trendy ways to decorate your fireplace for the holidays now that you can explore and create to make the space your own. IHT experts are here to help ensure you stand out this holiday season.

1. Decorate your Fireplace with a Simple and Clean Motif 

decorate your fireplace

While going simple and clean may seem easy at first, it can be a fine art to masterfully pull off a mantel with minimal decorations that still catch the eye. We recommend using more modern foliage for this endeavor. Use just a few bunches to create a slender garland. Or go more asymmetrical and place a group on one side of the mantel. If your home already lends itself to being a minimalist design, this will look amazing on your fireplace this season. 

2. Decorate Your Fireplace with Bright Colors

decorate your fireplace

If simple and modern is not your thing, bright colors might be! Pull in jewel tones with wintery florals or add a more whimsical touch with feathers. Berries will make a more traditional pop of color — but be sure to add LOTS of them to traditional evergreen garland to bring the red out. This is a fun way to quickly change your style from year to year without needing to buy everything new. Swap out some bolder colors, and you will have a different look.

3. Use Taller Items to Take Your Decor to New Heights

decorate your fireplace

Another fun way to liven up your fireplace is to think taller instead of longer. Traditionally, garlands run long across the mantle to create your Christmas appeal. Consider adding tall vases of greenery to give more height to your mantel. This will look especially spectacular if you have tall ceilings. You can add tall candles, drape a garland over any mirrors you may have above the fireplace, or add decorative pieces of your choice (like lanterns) that have more height to them. This will draw the eye and create a unique look for you to enjoy.

4. Decorate Your Fireplace with Whimsical and Eclectic Styles

decorate your fireplace

If you want to stand out from the crowd, try adding unusual things to the mantel. It could be as simple as an heirloom ceramic lighted tree or other unique ornaments from your family. Head out and acquire different holiday items you enjoy to make your mantel focal point special. You can even make it holiday inclusive with dreidels, menorahs, kinaras, or other African-style decor. You can have so much fun with this trend, too.

5. Bring Your Decor Down to the Hearth

Our final trend is to bring whatever you are doing on the mantle of your fireplace down to the hearth. If you use bright colors, add some plants to coordinate with them. Bring some more giant toys to the hearth to complete the whimsical feel. Add in one last simplistic item to finish off your modern style. Just be sure to include the hearth in your decor design plans. Mix and match these items to create the ultimate space for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Do you need a new fireplace to go along with all of the wonderful holiday design ideas? If you are looking for a fireplace to complete your holiday decor, IHT has options for every style and need. Let us know how we can help you make your holidays perfect this year. 

And finally, once you have decked your mantle with garland, ornaments, stockings and more… don’t forget to visit our website and enter a photo of your creation!

IHT is accepting fireplace mantle photos from now until December 21st in our Denver Decorates contest for the best fireplace mantle around town.

Your fireplace can be a star… and win a great prize too!

The first prize winner receives a $100 gift card to Michaels® store.

Second prize winner receives a $50 gift card to Michaels store, donated by KOZY® HEAT.

The winner will be announced December 22nd.

Visit our website at ihtspas.com for details.

Have a great holiday season!

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