Are Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals the Same?

If you are a pool or hot tub owner (or a lucky duck to have both) chances are you know a thing or two about the chemicals you need to keep your water healthy. While it may sound tempting to interchange pool and hot tub chemicals, in reality it’s a bad idea. Pool chemicals and hot tub chemicals are NOT the same for a number of reasons, so let’s dive in and soak up some water care knowledge!

Choosing the Right Water Care

When you compare water care products for both a pool and a hot tub, you may notice they have similar ingredients. The difference is the composition and the active ingredient’s concentration. If you were to use the wrong products in a pool or hot tub, you’ll most definitely find that they won’t affect your water in a predictable way. Adding swimming pool chemicals to your hot tub can seriously damage your hot tub’s components, and even cause irritation for hot tubbers. Always make sure to use the chemicals specifically designed for a hot tub, never a pool.

Volume By Volume

The volume of water in a pool vs. a hot tub are vastly different. Pool chemicals are highly concentrated because the body of water it’s treating is so much larger than a hot tub. You could use all your hot tub chemicals in a pool and not even see the difference on testing strips. Vice versa, using pool sanitizing products in your hot tub is not good and can damage your hot tub.

Temperature Check

Remember that chemistry class you took in school? If you think back, you might recall learning that temperature has an affect on the way chemicals react. Hot tubs function at much hotter temperatures than swimming pools. This means that the products you use in your hot tub will react at a faster, more efficient rate than a pool counterpart. Adding chemicals meant for swimming pools into a hot tub can make the levels extremely hard to control.

For Your Consideration

Want to make your hot tub’s maintenance easier than ever? With today’s wonderful advancements in hot tub water care, you’ve got a few options! The Spa FROG® Water Care System adjusts your chemicals for you with pre-filled cartridges, allowing you to use up to 75% less chlorine. Or, you could enjoy FreshWater® Salt System which uses salt to sanitize your hot tub’s water for less maintenance and less irritation if you’re sensitive to chemical chlorine. 


Purchasing the right water care for your hot tub or swim is safe and easy. Visit our online store, call ahead for curbside pick up, or join our water care auto-ship program. We have everything you need for hot tub and swim spa water care. Questions? Our customer care team is standing by. Call 303-296-7727, and one of our staff will be happy to help you with the perfect water care products to keep your hot tub or swim spa running smoothly. 

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