Benefits of Training for a Triathlon Like IRONMAN® Boulder



Have you heard the big news yet?! IRONMAN® is in town!

Training for a triathlon such as IRONMAN® Boulder includes tremendous health benefits.

  • The swimming component of the IRONMAN® coupled with training in the swim spa strengthens your upper body’s muscle tone.
  • Versus running a marathon, participating in a triathlon is easier on the joints. Swimming in open water and the swim spa places minimal stress on your joints. Cycling is the same way, as there is no weight-bearing involved. Running can often lead to overtraining as a result of the pounding on your joints.
  • Cross-training for an IRONMAN® triathlon improves your stamina, power, flexibility, and performance.
  • Swimming along with running and biking also offers a balanced workout program, using all of your major muscle areas.

And guess what?! We’re at IRONMAN® BOULDER this year!!

Who: YOU, your kids, International Hot Tub Company, IRONMAN® Boulder, race participants, and other vendors! 

When: Thursday, August 4 through Sunday, August 7 (Thursday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 9 am to 7 pm)

Where: Boulder High School is the site of IRONMAN® Village. 

What: Test swimming in the Endless Pools swim spa, and recover in the HotSprings Spa Grandee NXT, educational exhibits, entertainment, food and sneak peaks of the Ironman races, a kids’ 5K

Our newly redesigned E700 – 17’ Endless Pools Exercise System swim spa will be available for YOU to swim in. This features an underwater treadmill for low-impact running, as well as an Endless Swim Current. 

Bring your kids as well – the swim spa is a great way to start them young! IRONMAN® Boulder will feature a kids’ 5K!

For more information, read more on our website at IHT and IRONMAN® Boulder.





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