Can I Have a Fireplace in an Apartment?

Apartment living is a convenient and economical choice for many people. But sometimes apartment dwellers find themselves wishing for more features in their units. One of those features is a fireplace. While many apartments don’t come equipped with a fireplace, it doesn’t mean you have to go without. If you’re renting an apartment, we’ll show you how you can have a fireplace in your apartment. 

Choose the Right Option

When many people hear the word “fireplace,” they automatically think of kindling, wood, and lighting a fire. But when you live in an apartment, a wood burning fireplace isn’t typically an option. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a fireplace, though. You simply have to consider a different option that works in your space. 

An electric fireplace is a great choice for an apartment. These fireplaces usually have an imitation flame that’s created by LED lights. Most come equipped with a heater that provides heat along with the cozy feel of a traditional fireplace. 

Electric fireplaces are also convenient since they don’t require maintenance and can be plugged in and are ready to use. Your apartment can go from chilly to cozy in a few easy steps while adding ambiance to your home. 

Space for a Fireplace

If you’re living in a smaller apartment, it can be easy to think you don’t have enough space for a fireplace. But don’t let the size of your place stop you! The beauty of an electric fireplace is that it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in your apartment. Options can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with one that would be a perfect fit for your space. 

Benefits of a Fireplace In Your Apartment

Even if you rent your apartment, you can enjoy some of the same benefits as homeowners who add a fireplace to their home. An electric fireplace will add a classy feel to your living space as well as become a focal point for the room. Whether it’s a party or a quiet evening at home, your new electric fireplace can create a cozy vibe to your space. 

Another benefit to a fireplace in your apartment is the money you can save. Electric fireplaces are more energy efficient than running your heater. Save money during those cold Colorado winters by leaving the thermostat alone. Just turn on your electric fireplace to heat your apartment instead and enjoy the savings!

Let Us Add Ambience to Your Apartment

If your apartment could use a little heat or added ambiance, then you need to call or visit IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Our team of experts can help you find the best fireplace option for your apartment. In fact, we have an extensive selection of gas, electric, and wood burning fireplaces, including Kozy Heat®. But we don’t stop at just fireplaces! Once you’ve found the right fireplace, you can explore our selection of new and pre-owned hot tubs for your patio. Call us today at 303-755-4772 to learn about our selection and ask for a free quote!

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