Fall in Love with a Covana® Automated Gazebo and Cover!

You have your wonderful hot tub, and, hands down, it’s the greatest investment you’ve ever made — especially for surviving in the cold Colorado winter. But what about your cover? Your hot tub’s cover is one of the most important features of your hot tub, and not all covers are created equal. Say good-bye to a traditional hot tub cover that can get waterlogged and heavy. Break up with your old hot tub cover and fall in love with a Covana® automated gazebo and cover combination.  Here are a few reasons why hot tub owners choose Covana covers.

Single User Friendly  

No Valentine’s date this year? No worries. This is an automated hot tub gazebo and cover you can open on your own. The winter chill is here to stay (at least for a while), and it’s not uncommon that you find yourself yearning for a warm hydrotherapy massage to relieve the tension. Or perhaps it’s getting late at night, and you find yourself with a restless mind while the rest of the house peacefully snoozes away. A soak in your hot tub is just what you need. Whatever the reason, if you decide to use your hot tub alone, a Covana gazebo and cover makes for easy entry thanks to the lifter. If you can flip a switch, you can soak in your hot tub. This unique, automatic lifter rises up on its own, leaving you with only one job to do: relax. 

A hot tub with a Covana cover in the snow 

Winter Weather Sealing System

Hot tub covers do important work throughout the year, but this is especially true in the winter. With the wrong hot tub cover, snow can alter your water chemistry, branches can fall in a harsh wind, and you can lose vast amounts of heat, which could affect your energy bills. However, with the right one, like a Covana Oasis or Evolution, you can protect your hot tub or swim spa from harsh Colorado winters.

Protection Against the Elements

Not only is a Covana automated gazebo and cover excellent at protecting your hot tub from winter weather, but it also provides YOU with some coverage as well. Thanks to the unique cover-lifting design we mentioned earlier, it doubles as a gazebo! This means you’ll enjoy a nice canopy barrier that offers shelter against snow and wind as you blissfully soak away in your luxurious tub of jetted hydrotherapy. And the pull-down screen can add weather protection and visual appeal.

Safety for All

Want to know one of the best features of your new, sensational hot tub cover? Safety! This incredible locking cover not only keeps your hot tub safe, it keeps the ones you love safe, too. From pets to wildlife and even curious children, you can be assured that your hot tub cover remains locked and in place when you are not using it.


Are you ready to bring home the ultimate, all-in-one hot tub cover? At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, we’re ecstatic to help you fall in love with a Covana automated gazebo and cover for your hot tub! Don’t have a hot tub yet? Schedule a virtual tour of our showroom as one of our top spa professionals assists you in your search, answering questions, and ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today!

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