Get Serious About Health and Fitness this Year with a Swim Spa

What are your health and fitness goals for the coming year? No matter what they are, it’s time to get serious and achieve them in a swim spa from IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. “But swimming isn’t my thing,” you say. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways to work out or relax and recover in your swim spa that swimming doesn’t have to be part of your routine unless you want it to be. With something for everyone in your home to enjoy, this is the best investment you can make in your family’s health this year.

Swim in a Swim Spa for a Great Workout

The most obvious thing you can do to meet health and fitness goals in a swim spa is to swim. With different current settings and a tether to hold you in place if you need it, there is a way for everyone to swim for fitness in a swim spa. You can even place a mirror on the bottom of your swim spa to keep an eye on your form while swimming.

Walk or Run in a Swim Spa to Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

If you need a low-impact workout routine, you can have your swim spa outfitted with a treadmill to walk and run. This can be a great solution if you have extra weight or chronic pain that makes movement difficult. The weightlessness of the water will allow you to move more and longer.

Bike in a Swim Spa to Boost Endurance

Everyone jumped on the stationary bike train during Covid. And now you can continue your newfound hobby in your swim spa. Placing an Aquabike in your swim spa will allow you to have the intense yet low-impact workout you desire, and the water can also help keep you cool while you do it.

Row in a Swim Spa to Mix It Up

Rowing is the newest trend we are seeing. Whether you have exercised this way for years or are eager to try it out, the row bars you can attach to your swim spa will allow you an incredible workout experience without buying yet another piece of equipment. 

Lift Weights in a Swim Spa to Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Of course, you can also use water weights to build muscle in your swim spa this year. Continue the low-impact theme in your space and achieve the toned muscles you have dreamed of. Add resistance bands to up any of your workout plans!

Relax and Unwind in a Swim Spa This Year

The essential portion of anyone’s health and fitness goals is to make time and space to recover. Since the swim spa can double as a hot tub, you can do just that. As soon as you finish a workout, you can simply move to a seat. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing jets in the water to allow your body time to recover. Then you can do it all again tomorrow.

 With all the features you could ever want, there truly is something for everyone available with an Endless Pools® swim spa. This year, ensure everyone meets their potential with a gorgeous new Fitness System, Recreation System or Exercise System from our Highlands Ranch or Boulder store, our two IHT Denver area locations. With a swim spa from IHT, you’ll have a dedicated space for health and wellness every day of the year.

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