Four Hot Tub Brands that are Perfect for Families

Schedules naturally tend to slow down during the summer months. Hectic school routines are replaced with vacations, baseball games, and a more laid back flow to the week. These relaxed summer days offer more time for families to be together as everyone is home more. If you want to add more fun to your family time this summer, consider a hot tub! Use our guide below for four hot tub brands that are perfect for families. 

Hot Spring Spas®

Your family is anything but average, so no average hot tub will do. Hot Spring Spas®  offers a wide range of hot tubs through various collections, such as Highlife® , Limelight®  and Hot Spot®

Each collection offers unique features that are sure to appeal to every member of your family. Some have the exclusive FreshWater® Salt System for the best spa water possible.  The Grandee®  7 Person Hot Tub is a perfect example! With plenty of room for up to seven people, The Grandee® is spacious enough for even the tallest family members. Not only that, it features Moto-Massage®  DX jets that powerfully work your tightest muscles to provide relief. 

Caldera Spas®

Another fantastic line of hot tubs to consider is Caldera Spas®. Their hot tubs range in capacity from four to eight people and come with a variety of features to increase your enjoyment! Some models also have the exclusive FreshWater® Salt System.

One of our favorites for families is the Tahitian ®  6 Person Hot Tub. This model is exactly what you want whether you enjoy quiet evenings relaxing at home or hosting guests for a party. You’ll have total control of water temperature, jets and lighting thanks to the one touch control panel. 

Freeflow Spas®

A hot tub from Freeflow Spas® would also be perfect for families. This collection offers options with seating up to seven people at a time. A top pick of ours is the Excursion® Premier 5 Person Hot Tub. This model provides plenty of space for your family and guests to socialize as well as calf jets to massage your legs as you lounge in the hot tub. The beauty of this model is that the kids (and you) won’t have to wait long for set-up. It doesn’t call for additional electrical wiring thanks to Plug-N-Play design! 

Nordic Hot Tubs

The family that relaxes together, stays together. Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with Nordic Hot Tubs Encore LS. Tight muscles don’t stand a chance against the powerful jets of the Encore LS. This model features the pinnacle of hydrotherapy with high volume whirlpool flow as well as jets that provide targeted pressure to sore muscles. 

Turn every night into family night when you choose one of these four hot tub brands that are perfect for families. If you just can’t decide which hot tub is right for you, let us help! At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, we’ve proudly served the Denver, Colorado area since 1978. Our team is always happy to offer knowledgeable advice on our extensive selection of hot tubs. With their help, you’re sure to discover your family’s ideal hot tub. We don’t just do hot tubs, though! Call us today at 303-296-7727 or learn how to buy a hot tub from home!

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