How to Prep My Hot Tub for Holiday Guests

As the holidays quickly approach you may be wondering, “How can I prep my hot tub for holiday guests?” But when company is coming, there is always so much work to be done. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces suggests that you begin now making your to-do list. Prepping your hot tub for holiday guests doesn’t need to be overwhelming with the right plan in place before they arrive. The more prep work you do ahead of time, the more time you will have to enjoy your guests once they arrive.

Hot Tub Maintenance 

A big part of having your hot tub ready for guests is making sure that it is clean. Clean the hot tub inside and out: cover, light fixtures, glass, stairs, and steps or ladder to get in and out of the hot tub. Check the water to make sure it is at the right temperature. And make sure the hot tub jets are working properly.

Next, ensure that your hot tub cover seals properly to keep as much heat inside as possible. You can also use a thermal blanket underneath the cover to help keep the warmth inside. 

Turning the temperature down to try to save money may not save any money in the long run. If you’ve turned the temperature way down between uses, the heating element has to work extra hard to get the hot tub back up to the desired temperature. It is best to keep the temperature around 100 degrees and adjust it as needed. 

Water Movement

Keeping the water circulating through the clean filter is another important step. A dirty filter can cause cloudy water. Not as much water flows through the jets if the filter is dirty. Give the filter a good cleaning; follow the cleaning specifications for the type of filter that you have. You want your water to be clear and inviting for guests. 

Keep an eye on the water level, especially during the winter months. If the water level gets too low, your pump and heater might turn off. If the water in the hot tub freezes, it could cause a lot of damage. 

Water Care 

Test the hot tub water to check on the pH level and the alkalinity. If the pH and alkalinity are at the right levels, sanitize the water. If the pH or alkalinity is off, adjust that first. After sanitizing the water, check the pH and alkalinity again. You may also consider shocking the water to get it extra clean.

Memories in the Making 

Decorate the space around your hot tub to make it warm and inviting for your holiday guests. Adorning the area with festive decorations adds to the welcoming feel. 

Most importantly, enjoy the time spent with family and friends. Those moments seem to be few and far between these days. Holidays are best when spent with those we love. 

Call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces at 303-296-7727 with any questions you might have concerning how to prep my hot tub for holiday guests. We also offer valet water care if you are too busy and we can provide all your water care needs.

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