Plan Your 2021 Endless Summer with a Swim Spa

The clock strikes midnight, you kiss that special someone, and after a brilliant firework show, shuffle to bed with hopes that the next day will bring a fresh start. While you could spend your New Year’s resolution list coming up with unattainable goals, why not focus on what’s really important in the year coming up: your family. Plan your 2021 Endless Summer with a swim spa now, and create priceless, precious memories with each and every member of your crew.

A family with kids play in an Endless Pools swim spa in summer

Fantastically Fun Family Game Night

Planning a backyard staycation in January? It’s never too early! Do it before the school year ends and summer begins. Whether your kids are school age or have flown the coop for college, having a swim spa is an excellent way to get the family together. Play water games, just like in a swimming pool, and fire up some healthy competitive spirits with a few lessons in teamwork. A fun game of volleyball or a relay race to the other end of the swim spa are just some of the ways you can get the kids ecstatic about family time. Mix it up with some trivia or card games while you relax with a hydrotherapy jet massage. Start 2021 off right with a swim spa and enjoy the things that really matter: Family.

Swim Spa Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons aren’t always available when you need them. If your kids are ready to take the plunge and learn all about water safety, why wait? Your child can learn at their own pace with you at their side every step of the way with a swim spa. Or you could even schedule in-home swimming lessons! And, once they get comfortable with the basics, you can turn on the jets to help them build their swimming strength. Both you and your kids can start 2021 with confidence in the water when you start now.

Exciting Entertainment, Screen-Free

What does your family usually do when the weather doesn’t allow for park trips or backyard play? When they’ve played with all their toys and read all their favorite books? Chances are they break out the screens. If you’d love an alternative to offering a tablet or TV to your kids, but feel like you have no other option, a swim spa is a perfect solution. Bust the boredom with a trip “to the pool” — conveniently located in your home or backyard. Grab your favorite novel, kick your feet up, and relax as you supervise an adventurous, active afternoon.  

Get Fit with Family

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably added “get fit” to your New Year’s resolution list. Start 2021 off right with a swim spa as you crush your fitness goals without sacrificing family time to go to a gym. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of exercising and swimming in your own backyard. Try inviting other members of your household to join you for a family workout in your swim spa. Make games out of fitness activities, like seeing how long a person can swim in the current before they need to rest. Whether you use the resistance bands, rowing, or just a kickboard, a swim spa will provide a great workout. Fitness can be fun!


Doesn’t a swim spa sound like the key to creating the best year ever? We think you deserve it! Contact IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces to find the perfect swim spa today. And don’t forget to schedule a test swim in one of our demo swim spas!

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