Monterey Premier

As the largest hot tub in the Freeflow line, The Monterey Premier Spa comfortably seats up to 7 people, making it ideal for families or social gatherings. With a variety of jet configurations, this hot tub ensures a high-quality hydrotherapy experience worthy of the Premier Series.


Experience the best in style and performance with the 7-seater Monterey Premier Spa. It has 22 hydrotherapy jets and a waterfall feature to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.
It's constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials, with stainless steel trim jets and full foam insulation to maximize energy efficiency and limit your electric bill. A built-in ice bucket ensures your drinks will always be cold as you hydrate and enjoy the company of friends. Upgrade the look of your hot tub with optional features in the Premier Series including interior and exterior LED lighting, contoured pillows, and a synthetic wood exterior cabinet to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your spa environment.
Set up and maintenance of this hot tub is notably simple, with no electrical hard-wiring required. Nothing is more convenient than Plug-N-Play!

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