Shopping for a “Forever Hot Tub” instead of a “Right Now” Substitute

A few months ago those of us in the hot tub industry had no idea what the new stay at home mandate would mean for our businesses. This has been a most interesting time and we never would have imagined what came next.

Who would have thought that right now we have the fortunate problem of everyone wanting a hot tub! For many of you, working, schooling, and recreating at home made you realize how important a hot tub or swim spa could be to your family. A hot tub at your home will provide endless hours of fun, relaxation and wellness. It is safe, convenient, and provides a well needed retreat. And not only you, but all of your neighbors want a hot tub too. We have been selling Hot Spring, Caldera, Freelow, and Nordic hot tub faster than I have seen in years.

Our phones and our staff working from home have been overwhelmed by the number of inquiries with the new understanding that everyone wants a hot tub. And now people are also coming into the showrooms to see what we have to offer.

Since we have not been able to get new hot tubs shipped to us right now with our factory shut down in California, we have many, many customers who have bought tubs from us waiting for the one they really want to arrive. Why are they waiting? Because these people realize that, while getting a hot tub right now would be terrific, getting their Forever Hot Tub or Swim Spa is far more important, even if that means waiting awhile for it!

Buying any tub you can get your hands on will indeed get you into hot water soon, and in some cases, we can do that for you if you are willing to take stock on hand. However, this is a big decision and you want a tub you will LOVE for many year to come, not just in the next few months.

We have been asked about inflatable hot tubs, cheap, off-brand substitutes, and soft tubs. I would think you would realize this is not an answer that will be smart for any long-term use or satisfaction. If you are one of those people who realize you should have a hot tub, congratulations! By waiting for your Forever Hot Tub, you are not only going to love it right now; you are going to love it for years to come – when it is the right tub. DO NOT settle for a tub because it is cheaper or it happens to be something that can be delivered right now. Good hot tubs are an investment. You want a brand you can trust and a local company who will be here for questions, delivery, and customer care for years to come. Make sure you decide wisely, and spend your money wisely.

Are you one of those who has decided it is time to find your Forever Hot Tub or Swim Spa? Take a look at our  entire collection of Hot Spring, Caldera, Freeflow, and Nordic Spas on the IHT website. We have put everything in place for safe virtual tours of our showrooms, website and products and we are bringing information to you in new ways for your convenience. Not only am I confident you will love what you find, am I confident that when you get a tub from IHT it will be the right tub for you!

You can schedule your online Virtual Tour today, and do everything guided by one of our online specialists. Or, you can come in to one of our four convenient showrooms.

Leave a reply if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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