Five Signs it’s Time for a Hot Tub Drain and Fill

Water maintenance is an important aspect of owning a hot tub. Part of keeping your water sparkling and fresh is routine draining and refilling. If this isn’t done regularly, it can throw off the balance of the water levels. This can cause damage to your hot tub. Plus, you don’t want to lounge in a hot tub full of poor quality water. But how can you tell when your hot tub is due for some water maintenance? Here are five signs it’s time for a hot tub drain and refill. 

Mark Your Calendar to Drain and Refill

A good idea for any hot tub owner is to mark your calendar each time you drain and refill your hot tub. This will help you keep track of your water maintenance and the next time you need to drain it. 

Math is One of the Signs it’s Time

Everyone uses their hot tub with different frequencies. A solid rule of thumb is that if your usage is average, then the hot tub should be drained and refilled once every three to four months. However, if you use your hot tub very frequently and have a large number of bathers, this can impact your drain and refill schedule. 

Some basic math will get you started. Take the number of gallons of water in your hot tub. Then divide it by the number of people who regularly use the hot tub. Take this number and divide it by three to find out how regularly you should drain and refill. 

Water Clarity 

Routine water maintenance, including filter replacement and chemical balancing, is necessary to keep you and your hot tub healthy. This helps keep your hot tub water clear, clean and ready for use. But what if you’ve kept up with your regular maintenance and the water is cloudy? That’s another sign that it’s time for a hot tub drain and fill.

Use Your Nose

A quick and easy way to tell if it’s time for a drain and refill is to simply use your nose. Take a good sniff of your hot tub’s water. Does it smell a little off? If you have kept up with your water care maintenance and it smells, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to drain it. 

Foam and Funk

If your water is extra bubbly to the point that it’s foamy, that’s an indication your hot tub is due to be drained and refilled. This is also the case if your water is filmy or discolored. If it’s lost the clean and fresh look it had when you last refilled it, it’s time to do it again. 

Hot Tub Help

Watching for these signs it’s time for a hot tub drain and fill can help you keep your hot tub water clean and fresh for continued enjoyment. But if you have more questions or even want to purchase a new hot tub, then it’s time to call the hot tub experts at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces

And if you decide you would like IHT to keep your water clean and ready for you, we have a water valet service with several options to meet your needs. We will even plan a custom schedule just for you. Call us at 303-296-7727 for more information.

Since 1978, we have proudly served the Denver, Colorado area. We offer a selection of hot tubs, including We carry Hot Spring®, Caldera Spas®, BestLife® hot tubs, and more. Our team will guide you through the process and help you find the perfect hot tub for your family. We don’t only do hot tubs, though! We provide a range of electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace options, including Kozy Heat®. Contact us at 303-296-7727 to learn more about our selection and ask for a free quote!

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