Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

For many children, summer vacation means days spent playing in the pool. To prepare kids for fun in the water, many parents enroll their kids in swim lessons. It’s a great way to build a child’s confidence in the water as well as get some exercise and have a good time. If you’re trying to find the best place for your kids to learn how to swim, look no further than your own backyard! Follow these ideas for kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa. 


Lesson Length

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to swimming. But don’t think you have to teach it all in one session! Start out small and limit lessons to no more than thirty minutes. This is enough time to teach and practice a new skill without you or your child becoming frustrated or bored. Once your child has mastered one concept, move on to a new skill in the next lesson. 


Put Your Face In The Water

You can’t swim without having water in your face, so it’s a good idea for kids to get used to it. Start by blowing bubbles at surface level and then have them put their face further into the water. Soon they’ll be blowing bubbles under the water! Some children prefer to wear goggles during this activity. 



One of the skills swimmers use to glide through the water is kicking their legs. Have your little one practice by holding onto the side of your swim spa and kicking. You can make it into a game by having them kick as hard as they can until you say stop. You can also use a kickboard and glide them around the water while they practice kicking. They are inexpensive and fun.



Just as your child needs to get used to having water in their face, they also need to get used to having water in their ears. Floating on their back is a great way to practice this. Stand in the water with your child and have them lay on their back with your hands underneath them. Keep one hand under their head and the other under their back. Let them get used to the feel of this and as they feel more comfortable, remove your hand from underneath their head. Tell them to work to keep their head back in the water. 



End each lesson with a game that incorporates the skill you went over during the lesson. 

  • Blow Out the Candle – This game reinforces having their face in the water and uses breathing techniques. Just as in your lesson, they can start at the surface and move underwater as their confidence grows. 
  • Stop and Go – Practice kicking skills by having them hang on the side of the swim spa and kick when you say “Go” and immediately stop when you say “Stop.” 
  • Buried Treasure – As your child gets more comfortable with swimming underwater, have them practice their skill by playing buried treasure. Toss swim rings to the bottom of the swim spa and have your child retrieve them while practicing their breathing and swim strokes. For slightly older children, time them and see if they can beat their best time!


Prepare your kids for a summer full of fun with these ideas for kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa. If you haven’t already brought home a luxurious new swim spa, contact IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver, Colorado, area since 1978. We offer a selection of swim spas and accessories that promises you’ll find the right option for your backyard. Give us a call at 303-296-7727 or ask for your free quote!

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