The Best Cover Options for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Has your hot tub or swim spa cover seen better days? It’s probably time for a new one. But what are the best cover options for hot tubs and swim spas? Should you get a regular vinyl replacement or invest in a more innovative, durable cover? Let’s go over your options to help you decide which is the best fit for your hot tub or swim spa and lifestyle.

Best Cover Options for Hot Tubs

caldera hot tub cover
Hot tub covers include vinyl replacement covers as well as automatic covers.

Quality Vinyl Replacement Covers

Vinyl replacement covers from Hot Spring® and Caldera® are a high-quality and budget-friendly option for hot tubs. They will last for several years and provide maximum energy efficiency for your hot tub. They also include locking mechanisms, so you can protect your little ones and keep Colorado critters from getting in for a soak. These covers are also built specifically for each model for maximum fit for the best energy efficiency.

Covana Cover and Automated Gazebo

You don’t need to build a gazebo over your hot tub to get great coverage and privacy! Covana® covers work as both an insulating cover and an automated gazebo over your hot tub! How? Rather than manually lifting your hot tub cover off, a Covana cover raises and lowers with a simple turn of a key. These covers also offer shade from the sun along with privacy screen attachments. You could be soaking in your hot tub in your own private gazebo in minutes!

For your hot tub, you have the choice between the OASIS and the EVOLUTION.

Best Cover Options for Swim Spas

covana legend swim spa cover
The Covana LEGEND swim spa cover makes opening the cover from your swim spa a breeze.

Watkins Cover and Lifter

Another budget-friendly cover option for swim spas is the Watkins cover and lifter. It boosts energy efficiency, prevents evaporation, and protects your swim spa from inclement weather. With the lifter, it’s easy to open the bi-fold cover from your swim spa for a workout, swim, or soak.

VacuSeal Lifting System

The next option for a swim spa cover is the VacuSeal™ Lifting System. The double covers and lifters for each side are easy to open and provide a tight seal when closed, improving the energy efficiency of your swim spa.

End 2 End

If you’re interested in a swim spa cover that comes in one piece, the End 2 End® swim spa cover may be the cover option you’re looking for. It can be easily rolled on and off in just a minute. When on, it insulates heat for energy efficiency and can easily withstand harsh Colorado weather, like rain and snow. It’s also lockable for safety, so it’s another good choice for families with children and pets.

Covana Legend

Is a manual swim spa cover a bit too cumbersome for you? Consider the Covana LEGEND! Like the hot tub counterpart, the LEGEND serves as both a swim spa cover and automated gazebo that raises and lowers with a turn of a key. Extra insulating, extra secure, extra protection, the Covana LEGEND is a great investment for your swim spa. 

Finding the Best Cover Options for You

Still aren’t sure which cover option is best for your hot tub or swim spa? Reach out to IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces today! We’re more than happy to go over your cover choices and answer any questions you may have. Come in, or call your nearest location.

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