The Best Upgrades for Your Swim Spa

Your Endless Pools® swim spa quickly became a fixture in your backyard. But as much as you love it, can you believe it can get even better? It’s true. When you add accessories and upgrades, you make your swim spa more versatile. And the versatility of your swim spa is what makes it personally tailored to each member of your family. We’ll show you some of the best upgrades for your swim spa. 

Upgrade to LED Lighting for Your Swim Spa

One of the best things about a swim spa is that it isn’t just for daytime use. When you add LED lights to your swim spa, you can enjoy it well into the night as it increases your visibility in the water. You can even have fun with the lights and adjust the colors for holidays or special occasions. 

Bluetooth®-Enabled Sound System

Music is a great backdrop for a wide variety of activities. Whether you’re soaking in your swim spa or getting in your laps for exercise, music is the perfect addition. You can easily outfit most Endless Pools® swim spas with a Bluetooth®-Enabled sound system. Once the eight-speaker system is installed, you can pair it with any device with Bluetooth® and listen to your favorite music. 

Health and Fitness Accessories

One of the reasons you purchased your swim spa was for the health benefits. But while swimming laps is great exercise, you can have a total body workout with health and fitness upgrades for your swim spa. An underwater treadmill can add resistance to your workout while allowing greater flexibility, but needs to be built-in when you order your swim spa. Or you can tone and strengthen your upper body with a row bar kit with resistance gear. With so many options to choose from, you can easily outfit your swim spa to be your own personal home gym. 

Cover and Cover Lifter

One of the best upgrades for your swim spa is a quality cover. A good cover maintains the water temperature in your swim spa and reduces evaporation. If you’re concerned that a cover is bulky or awkward to manage, then we suggest a cover lifter. The cover lifter makes it much easier to maneuver the cover as it goes on and off of your swim spa. fWe also recommend the Covana automated gazebo and cover in one. The Covana LEGEND creates the perfect YEAR ROUND swimming and exercise environment

Let IHT Help Upgrade Your Swim Spa

An Endless Pools®  swim spa is the perfect addition to your backyard. But you can make it even more enjoyable when you outfit it with the best upgrades. We’ve given you a few ways to upgrade your current swim spa, but you have so many options to customize it for your family. If you’re looking for a swim spa, it’s time to call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces at 303-296-7727 or visit your closest location.

IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver, Colorado area since 1978. We offer an extensive selection of swim spas and accessories to allow you to find the best option for your home. Once your backyard is taken care of, don’t forget to check out what we offer for inside your home as well. We offer a selection of electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace options, including Kozy Heat® . Call us today at 303-296-7727 or ask for your free quote!

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