What NOT to Burn in Your Wood Stove this Fall

When the temperature dips, it’s natural to turn to your wood stove for some added head. But while it’s tempting to use anything lying around the house for kindling, there are some items that should never go in your wood stove. We’ll give you a list of what not to burn in your wood stove this Fall. 

Unseasoned Wood 

Unseasoned firewood can contain a lot of moisture. When it burns, this creates considerably more smoke than firewood that has been seasoned. Look at your pile of firewood. The logs that are properly dried and seasoned will appear to be a gray color. The bark could also be loose or coming off of these logs as well.

Lumber That is Painted, Treated, or Manufactured

Did you complete a home improvement project this summer and have leftover lumber? Treated or painted lumber is a perfect example of what not to burn in your wood stove. This type of wood has been treated with chemicals to help prevent it from damage from outdoor conditions. Those same chemicals can release toxins into the air when burned. 

Other leftover items that you should not burn in your wood stove include particle board or plywood. These items are created using adhesives that cause harmful fumes when burned in your wood stove. 

Household Trash

As you try to get a fire going in your wood stove, it could seem harmless to grab old magazines lying around to help get it started. You were going to toss them out anyway, right? Unfortunately, the ink on these can create harmful fumes that are released into your home. Instead, grab outdated black and white newspapers to provide kindling for your fire. 

While you’re at it, avoid treating your wood stove as your own personal trash incinerator. That means do not throw styrofoam, empty pizza boxes with colored ink, plastic wrap, cups or plates into your wood stove. All of these will release toxic fumes into your home. 


It’s tempting to use fire starters or lighter fluid to bring your fire to life a little faster. But these items are not created for indoor use and also release chemicals into your home. They are designed to make fires burn very hot. In fact, the fire could grow too hot for what your chimney liner can handle and cause damage to your wood stove. 

Call the Wood Stove Experts Today

A wood stove creates a cozy atmosphere in any home. Make sure that you use it safely and refer to our tips on what not to burn in your wood stove. If you need a new wood stove or want to upgrade your current one, take time to call or visit IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. We have a wide range of gas, electric, wood burning fireplaces, and wood stoves, including Kozy Heat® . Stop in today. When you visit, our knowledgeable team will offer expert advice and guide you through the process to find your perfect wood stove or fireplace. We aren’t just a fireplace store, though. You can make your backyard an oasis with our selection of exercise spas, new and pre-owned hot tubs and more. Call us today at 303-755-4772 to learn about our selection and ask for a free quote!

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