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Beat those winter blues…it’s easy to let your mood get down in wintertime, and the hectic pace of the Christmas season is a stressful time for many. Long nights, colder tempertatures, and heavy snows dampen the mood at times, but your hot tub is a place to escape from that.

Unfortunately we often write off winter hot tubbing because the idea of dashing through frigid air to a hot tub seems unpleasant. But honestly, winter is hot tub PRIMETIME! Take a lesson from our Japanese snow monkey friends.

It is always summer in your Hot Spring and/or Caldera Spa. When we get those random zero-degree cold snaps, it’s still 102 in your tub. These unique experiences often go less photographed. When you browse spa photos online, they are usually set in warm, sunny, sub-tropical locations.

We set out on a mission to do something about this. We want you to have a better year-round experience in your Hot Spring or Caldera spa, especially with free SilkBalance. Relax your tight winter and ski/snowboard muscles in your hot tub and unwind with that cup of hot cider.

We are collecting as many photos as we can find of people enjoying their Hot Spring or Caldera spa in the snow! There is nothing like your hot tub when you’re snowed in with cabin fever.

SO…that being said, we’re challenging all of YOU, friends, to share your hot tub experience in the next big snowstorm and use the hashtag on Facebook and/or Instagram as #denverpolarbearclub. We can’t wait to see your updates!

Our favorites will be handpicked for a lucky prize. Don’t miss out on a year’s worth of free SilkBalance (2-76 ounce bottles) for first place…or six months of free SilkBalance for 2nd place!

We will contact several favorites and do a polar-bear style photography shoot of your personal hot tub.


Prize: Two free lift passes to _______ and water valet?

Halfway through the contest, enter a second photo showcasing your Colorado pride.

We will announce a weekly winner (prize?)
*When you enter your photos in the contest, you are granting us permission to reprint and republish for IHT’s marketing purposes.*

We can reap the health benefits of hot tubbing any month of the year (try summer nights!) but winter and snow days are primetime…it’s the true respite from cold temperatures. And that’s just plain refreshing.

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