6 Reasons to Choose a Real Wood-Burning Fireplace

With so many wonderful options available at IHT for fireplaces in your home, how are you supposed to choose the right one for you? All of them will add ambiance to your space, and the vast majority will add warmth. So why would you choose a wood-burning fireplace over a gas or electric? It will always vary according to who is shopping, so here are some reasons that may be a priority to you that make it work for your home.

1. Wood-burning fireplaces are more eco-friendly

Since a wood-burning fireplace uses wood to create the fire, it uses an environmentally friendly renewable resource. More trees can be planted, grown, and, eventually, cut down for wood. Then the process begins all over again.

Plus, many wood-burning stoves today are designed to provide more heat for longer periods of time using less wood. So you may not end up using as much wood to heat your home as you think!

This makes wood-burning fireplaces more environmentally friendly than gas or electric fireplaces. If being eco-friendly is high on your priority list, then a wood-burning fireplace may be the right choice for you.

2. They will work even in a power outage

Living in the Denver area lends itself to larger snow storms and, consequently, the chance of a power outage. If you live in an area where this is a common occurrence, having a fireplace that will work even in a power outage is definitely to your advantage. 

A wood-burning fireplace will not only provide light for you during an outage but can also provide extra heat to a room or even a place to cook if, heaven forbid, things take several days to get up and going again. Consider the weather in your area before your purchase to help determine which type of fireplace might be best for you.

4. More heat output

A wood-burning fireplace will put out more heat than other types of fireplaces. If having extra warmth added to your home is a high priority, this will be the choice for you. While all three options can produce heat, a wood-burning fireplace will produce the most and be able to heat a larger space more efficiently. 

5. They come in a variety of styles

Wood-burning fireplaces and inserts come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a more rustic, traditional fireplace or a sleek, contemporary one, there’s a chance you’ll have plenty of options!

6. That wood-burning smell

One thing that is irreplaceable about a wood-burning fireplace is that classic, woodsy smell. You can try replicating it with a candle, but it’s just not the same. 

Along with just flat out making your house smell good, it makes you feel good, too. The fragrance of certain woods like cedar and hickory are known for creating a cozy, calming feel, giving your wellness a boost, too.

While all three types of fireplaces offer benefits, you will want to sit down and consider what your priorities are before your purchase. If you are looking for something eco-friendly, something to use in a power outage, or just miss that classic ol’ woody scent, a wood-burning fireplace is probably the right choice for you. 


If you still have questions, reach out to our experts at IHT. All of our fireplaces are 2020 compliant and meet all code requirements for Colorado. Our team can help guide you through the process of choosing which specific option is best for your home and family. 

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