Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in a Fireplace

Making a bigger investment in your home warrants some research and consideration. IHT has you covered by covering everything you need to know before investing in a fireplace in this post! While we love to make a sale like any other business, our ultimate goal is to have a happy customers. We can ensure this is the case by offering the information you need to make the best decision for you, and all the options you could want in our Denver stores. 

Consider your budget

Before you begin shopping, consider the budget you want to set for your fireplace. As with any home improvement project, the cost can vary wildly depending on what you want to be done. 

Consider what type of fireplace you want

There are three types of fireplaces available today, and they all have different pros to choosing them. They are a traditional wood burning fireplace, gas logs or stove, or an electric style fireplace. You will want to consider these and which option is the best for you and your needs. Making a short list of what you really want out of your fireplace will be very helpful to compare against when making this decision.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Most of us have seen and are familiar with wood burning fireplaces. They require a chimney to release smoke, as well as wood to burn. Wood burning fireplaces have several positives to choosing them for your home. They are a more eco-friendly option as wood is a renewable resource. Here at IHT, we only sell EPA-approved wood burning fireplaces.

They will also continue to work during a power outage should there be a big snow for us this winter in Denver. In addition to not requiring power, they also put out more heat than other types of fireplaces. They also offer that wood-burning smell you won’t be able to get with any other style of fireplace. 

Each of these positives can be compared to what you are wanting out of a fireplace. How many does a wood fireplace check off for you? Is there anything you don’t like about this style of a fireplace? Add that to your list as well if so. This will get you on the path to making the best choice for you! 

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces have their own set of positives when comparing it to the other two types of fireplaces. They can continue to work during a power outage just like a wood burning fireplace which again is a great positive in our Colorado winters. Gas fireplaces also offer very low maintenance and easy lighting. If you are busy, struggle with any sort of mobility, or just don’t want to deal with things, this can be a huge positive. 

Electric Fireplace 

An electric fireplace is a third fantastic choice for people looking for a fireplace option. They offer some of the same positives as the other two types in that they will heat a space and add ambiance to a room. High-end electric fireplaces look realistic and offer many customization options. This ensures that you will be able to match the decor of your home easily. With new technology, today’s electric fireplaces can be really impressive to see. IHT has plenty of options to show you so that you can see for yourself. They also offer extremely simple installation and more control of how much heat is being put off by your fireplace and how it looks. With just the push of a button, you can change all of these options. 

Where to buy your fireplace

While you can certainly order a low-quality one online from a big box store, we recommend going to your local IHT location. This will allow you the opportunity to see the different types in person. Knowing what size to order can be tricky. Our experts will come to you and help ensure that everything has been considered and that what you are ordering will work out perfectly. There is also a high probability that ordering something online will end in disappointment. We have all seen the “I ordered… but I got…” posts. Shopping at your local store will ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. It also guarantees a high-quality long-lasting product. Since we pride our reputation on satisfied customers, you can be certain shopping in-store with our experts to help guide you is in your best interest. 

Who will install

If you are ordering something that will require more than being plugged in, you will want to be certain you have someone reputable to install things correctly for you. A quick google search or post on a local Facebook group should have you set up with someone people like and recommend. If you plan to install yourself, you can also do a little research on how to go about that.


IHT experts are always available to help with whatever questions may arise while on the search for your perfect fireplace. We offer a full service design center to help our customers find exactly what they need. We have four convenient locations around the Denver area to be certain that all of Denver can be serviced. Plus, we carry the industry’s top fireplace brands in all three varieties. So whether you are looking for a wood burning fireplace, electric fireplace, or gas fireplace, we are the stop you need to make. Our fireplace experts can’t wait to help make your home warmer with the perfect fireplace for you!

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