Callaway Series – 40, 50, 72, See-Thru

Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces

Callaway 40    Callaway 50    Callaway 72    Callaway See-Thru

  • Three sizes plus See-Thru
  • 5 Media options and Refractory Options
  • 6 Burner & Optional Perimeter Media

The luxurious Callaway Series linear fireplace will set your room apart as the centerpiece of your home. The variety of sophisticated options gives you a customizable plan for a unique look and feel.

Gas Fireplace Options for Every Lifestyle

Begin your ideal fireplace by selecting the perfect size. You can chose a clean look with only the screen, Or choose the rectangular one-piece surround in black. You can choose the four-piece rectangular surround in black or stainless steel. The gallery surround in black adds a frame to your fireplace while the Mission Screen Front adds depth and a unique design feature. Whichever you choose, the look will add elegance and style to your room.

Next you have 5 media and refractory options for your direct vent fireplace. Choose rock accent, beach accent, traditional logs, or birch logs for the one that will enhance your room décor.

Burner & Optional Perimeter Media also give you choices to customize your look further. They include Reflective Midnight Crushed Glass , Reflective Copper Crushed Glass, Lava Rock, Vermiculite, Black Sand, and Black Glass Panel Perimeter Media.

Heat Options to Warm Every Room

If heat distribution is a concern, you have options with the Callaway series linear fireplaces. There are the Komfort Zone Kit or a vented cavity option. With the Komfort Zone Kit and the vented cavity you are able to place a TV or artwork safely above the fireplace. You can add them up to 12” above the finishing edge.

You can also redirect heat by adding either the Interior or Exterior heat transfer kits, and/or the power vent system.

A linear fireplace with so many options is a dream come true for any designer. With a Kozy® Heat Fireplaces Callaway direct vent, you will not only be adding heat to your room, but your will also be adding a step toward the lifestyle you have envisioned for you and your family.

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Callaway 40    Callaway 50    Callaway 72    Callaway See-Thru


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