Slayton Series – 36, 42S, 60

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces

Slayton 36    Slayton 42S    Slayton 60

  • Three sizes: 36, 42S, 60
  • Traditional log, Driftwood log, Rock Accent Options

Kozy® Heat Fireplaces brings a stylish linear fireplace to your home with the Slayton Series. If you are looking for a model to add a statement of elegance and dynamic appeal to a large space, a medium space for comfort and entertainment, or a small cozy space for quiet reflection, there is a size for you.

With impressive design and features the Slayton Series three models are sure to add luxury and Kozy® Heat Fireplaces reliability and quality to any space you choose to add one to.

Impress with a Slayton Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

The Slayton fireplace will impress in so many ways. Impressive heat with energy efficient features built in make it an impressive choice for the energy conscious as well as those money conscious planners. The three size choices and the built-in features and numerous options let you design the linear fireplace you have been looking for. The direct vent design allows you to install a Slayton gas fireplace in areas other than an existing fireplace structure.

A Linear Gas Fireplace Which Uses a Minimal Amount of Energy

You have your choice of fuel with the Slayton Series that can operate with Natural Gas or LP. The energy-efficiency will impress as you are able to make slight adjustments in the room’s temperature with the Komfort Kontrol remote to lower the temperature of the room when not in use.

Beautiful Features, Great Value

Kozy Heat Fireplaces is known for the combination of reliable, energy efficient fireplaces and the Slayton Series is a top performer. Along with the undeniable good looks and elegant features, the Slayton is at the top of our list of models to discover. You home will be warm, friendly and oh so impressive.

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Slayton 36    Slayton 42S    Slayton 60


  • Option of log or driftwood
  • View Models for Individual Features

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