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Control and Monitor Your Hot Tub From Your Smart Phone

Powered by the Connected Spa Kit, the Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas app allows you to control and monitor your spa any time, from virtually anywhere. Keep an eye on spa status, change key settings, manage installed accessories and set up customized alerts. And do it all conveniently from your mobile phone.

Technology To Simplify Your Busy Schedule


Remotely control key spa functions 24/7 like the FreshWater® Salt System, jets, spa lighting and more. Set up guest users so others can monitor your spa when you are unable to.

Peace of Mind

Check on what’s happening with your spa, even when you’re away from home. If you’re on the go or have a second home, you’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing your spa is being monitored.

Easy Spa Ownership

Receive helpful reminders that make spa ownership a breeze, like when to change your water filter, run a cleaning cycle or contact your dealer.

Available for Hot Spring and Caldera Spas


  • Adjust water temperature, jets and lighting
  • Monitor and adjust the FreshWater® Salt System*
  • Select audio inputs for entertainment options*
  • Operate CoolZone system*
  • Manage Spa Lock functions to limit unauthorized use
  • Set Summer Timer to maintain hot weather water temperature
  • Run water cleaning cycle


  • Add multiple spas for vacation homes and rental properties
  • Monitor filter status service intervals to minimize down time
  • Add family members and service professionals as guest users


  • Reduce down time
  • Simplify and personalize your spa experience
  • Help keep your spa hot and ready when you are

*When installed on compatible spas. Remote temperature setting is limited to 80° F.

Download the App Today and Try the Demo Mode

The Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas apps are powered by the Connected Spa Kit, which is a dealer-installed option available on most  models built after 2014. May not be compatible with certain Hot Spot® models. Spa must be within 150 ft (45m) to Home Network Router to work. 

Hot Spring App
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Smart Spa Technology Hot Spring Apple App
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Caldera App
Smart Spa Technology Caldera QR code
Smart Spa Technology Caldera Apple App
Smart Spa Technology Caldera Google Play App

To access the Connected Spa User Guide and FAQs, click here.

The Connected Spa Kit is a remote system that relies on connections of Wi-Fi components between the spa and a home network. The system is for the convenience of the hot tub owner and does not replace regular physical inspection and/or maintenance of the hot tub.

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