Sound Systems

Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience with a Sound Systems

Your Hot Spring® Spas and Caldera® Spas entertainment system lets you restore tired muscles while you relax and renew your mind. Play your favorite music from the comfort of your spa. It’s like having a home sound system and a wellness retreat in one.

Choose Built-In speakers or a Wireless Bluetooth® Sound System.

Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

There are so many ways to enjoy audio entertainment with a Hot Spring and Caldera spa. Whether you choose to stream music live, or have your own library of downloaded tunes, this entertainment system allows you to conveniently enjoy music from your Bluetooth® enabled device at the hot tub, using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

 Add a subwoofer, too, and you might never leave the water.

Built-In Speakers

When you opt for a music-ready spa, you get built-in factory speakers. This option is built into the spa shell so it is integrated as your spa is being built and is not available as an add-on.

Relax With Your Personal Soundtrack

It has never been easier to listen to your favorite personal soundtrack while relaxing in the peaceful setting of your hot tub haven. Available on most Hot Spring and Caldera hot tub models.

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