What Kind of Fireplace Can I Use in a Power Outage?

Living in Colorado, we are all well acquainted with snow storms. You can be prepared to keep your own family safe and warm with a gas or wood fireplace in case one hits your neighborhood. Both types of fireplaces will still work during a power outage during winter. Let’s walk through the advantages of each type so you know which fireplace is best for you!

Types of Fireplaces that will Work in a Power Outage in Colorado

Wood Fireplace

The most obvious type of fireplace that will continue to work in a power outage is a wood burning fireplace. Since the fuel required is wood, electricity isn’t involved. You can still burn wood in it in spite of the weather and power situation. Whether you retrieve wood yourself from your property or purchase it in bulk from the store or a private seller, you’ll want to be sure you’re fully stocked up well before a storm hits. Weigh the importance of having a functional fireplace during a power outage versus fuel cost and availability, and care and cleaning. This will help you to determine if a wood burning fireplace is best suited for you.

Gas Fireplace

While it may not be so obvious as a wood burning, a gas fireplace will also continue to work during a power outage. In the same way you can still use a gas stove without electricity, your gas fireplace should still have the capability to warm your home. So long as there is gas still available, it can burn. Also, a battery backup will spark your pilot. So you should still be able to light your gas fireplace and warm your home, electricity or not.

Electric Fireplace

Unfortunately, an electric fireplace will not work in a power outage as they require electricity. The only way it would work was if you invested in a generator for running your home when the power goes out. But if that is the case for you, your electric fireplace will work just fine once your generator kicks on.

Prepare for a Power Outage with a Fireplace from IHT!

If you are having trouble deciding which type of fireplace is right for your space, come by one of our four IHT locations in Denver, Highlands Ranch, or Boulder to speak with one of our experts. They will be able to get to know you and your circumstances better so that they can lead you in the right direction. Since we carry all three styles, you are sure to get the best information for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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