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Relax and enjoy a superb hydromassage experience in your home with the innovative Aventine® hot tub. This 2-person hot tub achieves spaciousness through its unique tri corner design, making it perfect for smaller spaces. With a 115/230v convertible electrical configuration, it’s easy to install.


The hot tub features Caldera® Spa's patented UltraMassage® Seat, which provides a full-body massage experience through jets that target your neck, shoulders, middle back, and wrists (one of the most overlooked joint-and-muscle groups). Additionally, the LumbarSage® Seat soothes your lower back with a specially-designed cluster of jets.
Whether you're soaking alone or sharing the experience with someone special, the Aventine offers 14 hydrotherapy jets that are sure to provide an unforgettable wellness experience.
You can enhance your therapy experience and ambiance with the help of the Blue LED Underwater Light configured into the spa shell. The end result is a compact spa environment that delivers maximum impact. So go ahead and make your home your own personal getaway with the help of the innovative Aventine hot tub.

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