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The Palatino® hot tub is a perfect addition to a household that loves to entertain. It seats up to 6 adults and features the Acquarella® waterfall as well as 45 powerful hydromassage jets. This value-priced hot tub is stylish and spacious, making it proudly stand out against similarly priced spas on the market.


Those who deal with a lot of back issues will especially appreciate this model. The EcstaSeat® targets large muscle groups along your spine, while the LumbarSage® Seat which massages muscles in your lumbar region with a cluster of specially designed jets.
The Palatino hot tub, with its 6 seats and 45 jets, offers a hydrotherapy experience that is second to none. The reclined UltraMassage® lounge contains angled calf jets, Sole Soother® jets for your feet, and jets that soothe your neck, shoulders, and back.
In addition to the impressive hydrotherapy features, the Palatino contains an Acquarella® waterfall as well as 10 multicolored Points-of-Interior Lights to help you create the ultimate spa environment.

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