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Gas Insert Fireplace by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces


  • Traditional Log, Birchwood Log
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Amazing Transformations with a Gas Fireplace Insert

The Kozy® Heat Fireplaces Roosevelt Series inserts provide an important option for updating your existing old and inefficient wood fireplace. By replacing the wood option with gas you not only run a more efficient heating system, you save time dealing with wood and cleaning.

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace Insert Benefits

Keep it Clean and Safe

One of the major reasons to replace an outdated fireplace with a gas insert is the clean feature and maintenance free time savings. There is no irritating soot and ashes to remove and dispose of. No cutting and stacking wood, and no smoke in the home. With the ease of a remote control you can turn your flame on and off, and control your heat settings. It’s safer for your family with no open flame and you will still enjoy the look and feel of a real fireplace.

Refresh and Remodel

A Roosevelt Series model will add a new contemporary feel to your room. A fireplace insert can fit directly into the masonry hole of your old masonry fireplace. It provides 2 sizes to rejuvenate any room and will be a refreshing addition to be able to relax, enjoy the warmth, and not deal with wood.

Beautiful Features and Options

There are beautifully designed features and options with the Roosevelt Series to create the contemporary room you want. Standard features include painted logs for a realistic view, and glass and rock media kits to customize your feel. Also choose from decorative safety screen front, birch or traditional logs, refractory panel options, and flame height with our split flow burner.

Your room will be a welcome relaxation for you to come home to with a Roosevelt Series gas fireplace insert. Sit back and relax, with no mess and no clean up later.

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  • Traditional Log, Birchwood Log
  • View models for individual features

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