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The Seychelles™ 6-seater hot tub is a true oasis for any household. Its spacious interior and versatile seating make it stand out proudly in the realm of mid-sized hot tubs.


One of the most impressive features of this model is the ample footwell which contains the unique Euphoria® jets and Sole Soother® to relieve tension in your feet, calves, knees, and thighs. The UltraMassage® lounge lets you comfortably recline your body as multiple jets soothe your neck, shoulders, middle back, calves, and feet. The EcstaSeat® massages large muscle groups in your back while the LumbarSage® Seat contains a unique cluster of jets specifically designed to target your lower back.
Let the Seychelles hot tub take you away to paradise right in your own home. With 43 hydrotherapy jets across 6 seats, this spa provides a powerful hydrotherapy experience that targets muscles in your neck, back, calves, thighs, and feet.
Optimize your spa environment with the help of the multi-colored LED lighting system configured into the hot tub. Throughout the spa shell are 12 SpaGlo® Points-of-Interior Lights that add soft, clarified illumination to your relaxation experience.

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