What’s more impressive than a hot tub that can fit into small spaces and tight corners? Nothing. Therefore, the Tristar Spa, with its innovative design and affordable price, is built to impress – even when your floor space is limited.


The Tristar is engineered to prove that high-quality hot tubbing is possible even in modest spaces. The tub itself contains 2 deep, sculpted corner seats as well as a bench seat. The 17 jets are strategically placed throughout the spa shell to leave your muscles feeling rejuvenated and refreshed - even in your wrists which often go overlooked.
The Tristar is constructed from heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials and features full-foam insulation for maximum energy efficiency, thus helping limit your heat and electricity costs.
The Plug-N-Play technology makes it so no electrical hard-wiring is required. All you need is a standard 110v outlet, and you’re ready to enjoy your hot tub.

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