Transform 2022 with an Endless Pools® Swim Spa

It’s THAT time of the year when many of us make resolutions. Some commit to a change in their lifestyle and want to focus on health. Others want more family time and recreation with loved ones. Unfortunately, many resolutions quickly fall to the wayside. So often in life, we have to let go of one thing to focus on another. But what if there was a way to focus on health and also spend well-deserved time with the family? An Endless Pools® swim spa offers family time, fun, recreation, and fitness all in one and right in the convenience and comfort of your own backyard resort. 

Why choose an Endless Pools Swim Spa?

An Endless Pools swim spa is your fitness and recreation center rolled into one package. It can be installed indoors or in your backyard. And your family can use it year-round because Endless Pools swim spas come with temperature settings that make them an all-weather fun add-on to your family must-have list. Endless Pools swim spas provide all the benefits of conventional swimming pools and more. Use your swim spa for hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, or even walking or jogging on an underwater treadmill. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces offers a variety of models for your health, recreation, and family time.

Transform Your Fitness Routine with Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

Your at-home fitness regimen is taken to a whole new level with Endless Pools Fitness Systems. These swim spas are designed to create maximum impact on your fitness goals. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces offers four models in this line. The E2000 has a dedicated spa side which helps you adjust temperatures on both sides separately. This model also comes with options for warm water hydrotherapy, low-impact fitness equipment, and an optional underwater treadmill. The E700 is a combination of aesthetics and efficiency. With an option to add an underwater treadmill, this model offers you plenty of space for fitness and relaxation.

The E550 model is unique in that the filtration and steps are in the front, creating more room for swimming and workout. The standing water jets offer the much-needed post-exercise relaxation you deserve. Beautifully designed and spacious, and with a treadmill option, this is the perfect swim spa for working out, relaxing, or swimming with family.

Transform Your Fitness and Family Time with Endless Pools SWIMCROSS®

If your preferred choice for a fitness regimen is swimming, then go for the SWIMCROSS® range. The SwimCross® Exercise Systems X2000 model has the largest swim and workout area among all the Endless Pool Fitness Systems. While the airless swim jets offer maximum resistance, thereby, increasing your workout intensity, the hydromassage jets pamper your post-workout fatigued muscles. The SwimCross® Exercise Systems X500 has a generous workout and swim area and is tailored to meet your swimming and fitness needs.

Enjoy Family Recreation and Fitness with Endless Pools RECSPORT® Models

For those just dipping their toes into the swim spa experience, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces also offers the RECSPORT® line. These swim spas enable you to easily combine your fitness time and family time. Choose either the R500 RecSport® Recreation Systems or the R200 RecSport® Recreation Systems based on your needs. After all, your 2022 transformation is not just about your physical fitness. It’s also about fun, family, recreation, and most importantly, wellness. Indulge in water massages, low-impact exercise, or simply splash around in the pool with your kids.


What are you waiting for? Take the next step to transforming 2022 by taking home an exciting Endless Pools swim spa. With an Endless Pools swim spa in your home, 2022 will be a year that’s healthy and fun-filled with your loved ones. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces also offers refurbished swim spas that are inspected by our technicians and certified for resale.

Endless Pools Swim Spas
Endless Pools Swim Spas

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