Create a Backyard Retreat – Getting Started

Have you thought about creating a backyard retreat? Its not too early to start planning. With a little planning now, you can have a beautiful and comfortable backyard retreat this summer you and your family will want to stay home for.

Here are a few suggestions to get your planning started. Think water, fire and earth, plus a little shade as you consider your focal point, the perimeter and getting to and from. Find ways to use these elements to create a quiet, comfortable backyard refuge made for relaxing and entertaining.

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  1. Focal Point: Every great space has a main feature, or two, that the rest of the area works to define. You want to make your outdoor space a year-round area, whether it is just for you and your family or large entertaining.
  2. Perimeter: What features do you want in the surrounding areas of the focal point? They should all complement the focal point and the feel of you area whether it is themed or simple quiet elegance.
  3. To and from: What do you need to get to and from your focal point in comfort, style and ease.

Now start planning the details. Here are some ideas.

Focal Point

  1. Hot Tubs: Of course, my first recommendation is a hot tub. When you consider the numerous health benefits along with entertainment, relaxation and stress relief, it is the perfect focal point for any yard, large or small. Look at hot tubs.
  2. Outdoor Bonus Room: If space is not an issue, consider a bonus room. With so many options to choose from, large or small, a bonus room affords the privacy and comfort of a unique area to entertain or get away in quiet solitude. Here are a few ideas we found. Get ideas.
  3. Fire: Outdoor fireplaces can add warmth and ambience to any outdoor area. Fire pits do the same with the warm glow of an open flame to heat and light up the night. Look at fireplaces.
  4. Grill: If grilling is your passion, why not add an outdoor kitchen. I grill year round. With a great grill, counters, sink and fridge you have the perfect area to prepare meals.
  5. Gazebo: Gazebos can add a private feel without the expense of an elaborate bonus room. They are perfect over a hot tub or to provide a quiet lounge or dining area. They add the perfect getaway.
  6. Swim Spa: If you have the room and want the year-round advantages of a pool, look at our selection of swim spas. From novice to pro swimmers, a swim spa give you year round enjoyment and health benefits. Look at swim spas.

Perimeter & to and from

  1. Paths: Consider a new path. You will find beautiful cobblestones, pavers and path material at you home improvement stores, and directions to create an easy entry and exit.
  2. Plants: Landscaping is a must. It can be as simple as strategically places planters or as complex as hiring a landscaper to bring the entire picture together. Containers create a great entry point and highlight a hot tub or structure. Consider shrubs, trees, blooming plants, herbs and seasonal vegetables for a beautiful combination. It can all be accomplished if you think about seasonal color and blooms.
  3. Decks: Decking and patios helps define your focal point. There are so many options to choose from. Consider long wear and tear and color coordination.
  4. Seating: Seating is another must. Consider benches, hammocks, a table and chairs and lounge-friendly furniture. They will all help you relax and be comfortable in your oasis. Invest in great seating that will withstand our cold winters and hot summers.
  5. Water Features: Do you want a soothing soundtrack to your outdoor space? If you love the sound of flowing water, many hot tubs have a fountain feature. You can also add a water feature such as a fountain, brook or pond to add the serenity of water to any area.
  6. Sun and shade: Depending on your location, it may be extremely important to plan for each to be able to enjoy your area year round. Gazebos, umbrellas, covered decks and open areas are all options.
  7. Lighting: Let lighting add a glimmer of light or a dramatic effect. Create your ambiance and illuminate your pathways, water features and of course, your focal point. It can be simple tiki torches, or lanterns, candles and strung lights. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Accessories: A splash of color or a subtle accent help define your personality and your feel. Statues, fountains or lanterns, and ceramics will add the finishing touches.

I hope this has given you a starting point to plan your outdoor retreat. Let me know what other information you would like. Also share what your retreat will look like. We’d love to see.

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