Freeflow hot tubs and Frontline Workers

Hello Hot Tubbers, Ready for some GOOD NEWS?

We are seven months into the new world of Covid. We have endured layoffs, furloughs, work from home, zoom meetings, home schooling, quarantine, isolation, toilet paper shortages just to mention a few and we are in the midst of a political campaign.

It seems that bad news is the only news…so we decided to share some GOOD NEWS this month because heroes come in many forms..

Hot tub giveaway to Frontline Workders results

IHT Frontline Worker Hot Tub Giveaway

In April, Debbie Hiner, one of the owners of International Hot Tub, introduced the idea of a Frontline Worker campaign for the metro Denver area residents to nominate friends and family as Frontline heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic. The most compelling story would receive a free Freeflow hot tub.

For two months, we received over 40 nominations with amazing stories of medical personnel, fire fighters, teachers, law enforcement, retail workers and more all of whom were considered essential personnel to keep Colorado moving. All of them are heroes.

The selection committee spent hours reviewing the nominations…all of which were worthy of a free Frontline hot tub.  Some nominations made us smile, some made us cry, but they all made us proud to be part of the Colorado community. Really, every one of our nominees was a true hero and winner.

But one nomination stood out and on Sept. 17, we announced the hot tub recipient in a Facebook Live reveal from our Denver showroom. Here are a few images from our reveal.

The recipient of the new Freeflow hot tub is Kristi C. Congratulations Kristi. We know you are going to love it.

Here are excerpts from the nomination we received from the winner’s husband who shared a heartfelt story about why his wife should receive a free hot tub.

“Kristi has been fighting the battle of Covid-19 on the very front lines. She works in the ICU and therefore sees only the most acute cases (a large portion of which has been Covid cases). What many people don’t know in reading all of the accounts in the news about lack of ventilators is that the real bottleneck in caring for the sickest people isn’t actually the number of ventilators; the bottleneck is the number of people trained in their use. Kristi, as an ICU nurse, has been using ventilators for years now, but she is also one who teaches other nurses how to use them.

At Littleton Adventist, where she works, she is the main nurse in charge of orienting and training most of the new nurses entering that unit, so she has been instrumental in allowing her hospital to manage the number of cases and be prepared for an uncontrolled outbreak.

… Due to her extensive list of certifications, ICU acumen, and ability to teach, she is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable nurses in the hospital and her expertise is often requested in unusual cases. Her heart for teaching doesn’t even end with the hospital, she currently also works one extra day a week for Platt College as a clinical instructor for students doing their clinical studies in the ICU.

… She was asked on numerous occasions by the leadership of the hospital to be one of the full-time charge nurses but has consistently refused because she feels her true calling is at the bedside.

The bedside is what makes her an exceptional nurse. Her technical knowledge is superb, but her care of patients and families going through some of the hardest times in their lives is peerless. She lamented in the middle of the lockdown how no one was allowed to be with their loved ones in the unit, even if they were dying. She came home more than once in tears as she described being the only one who could hold a dying man’s hand as he passed from this life to the next. Family members were forced to wait outside per government orders. So Kristi loved them the best she could, holding their hands and singing to them as they died when there was nothing else medically anyone could do to help.

…Family members are always grateful for the way Kristi teaches them what is going on in ways they can understand, and comforts them in times of tragedy. Kristi never imagined she would be in a position where she would be the only one even allowed to be in the room at the end, but she sees it as her mission to care for the lonely patients to the best of her ability.”

Then, the BIG DAY for her hot tub delivery…

The prize patrol arrived at Kristi’s house with a hot tub gift bag and the Freeflow Mini hot tub.

We were thrilled to be able to give Kristi and her family a Freeflow hot tub to relax together at the end of her long shifts. We know the many wellness properties of a hot tub will enhance her life and give her hours of relaxation, recovery and family togetherness time.

Thanks for all you do Kristi. Enjoy soaking in your new hot tub for many years to come.

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