Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

At IHT, hot tubs have been proven time and time again to give your body numerous health benefits. We hope this will offer a point of reference as you do your hot tub research.

1. Sleep

When our bodies are cold, it can disrupt our normal sleeping patterns…however, when we take time to soak in hot water before bed, we tend to drift off to sleep more quickly. This can also lead to deeper, more consistent sleep throughout the night.

And it’s no secret that high-quality sleep affects our lives in numerous positive ways.

2. Stress Levels

Soaking in a warm, soothing tub also reduces our anxiety and/or stress levels. The buoyancy of soaking in water makes us feel weightless. Even the sound of water moving adds a theme of soothing relaxation.


3. Pain Reduction

Soaking in a hot tub reduces chronic pain. 80% of Americans suffer from chronic back and knee pain, so hot tub soaking assists in pain reduction. Tension soothes away in water, reducing the painful effects of arthritis, inflammation and other related conditions. It’s been shown that many people with joint issues see benefits from hydrotherapy while recovering.


4. Flexibility

Jet bubbles offer buoyancy. Heat increases blood circulation and relieves muscle tightness. Flexibility heightens, allowing the body to more easily. We see this especially true in yoga poses and flexibility.


5. Diabetes

Initial studies show that regular hot tub soaking may lead to lower blood sugar levels. In an experiment by the New England Journal of Medicine, people with type 2 diabetes used the hot tub each day, six days a week for three weeks. At the end of the study period, the average drop in blood glucose levels was more than 20 mg/dl.

Warm water acts in a similarly effective fashion as exercise, and exercise has already been proven to treat those with Type 2 diabetes.


6. Blood pressure

Hot tub use lowers blood pressure. Hot water causes the heart to work harder to disperse heat, and cells dilate. Resistance against the heart lowers, lowering overall blood pressure despite an initial increase in blood pressure.


7. Skin Health

Increased blood flow increases oxygen levels in the blood, energizing body cells. Regular hot tub use has also been shown to improve skin health and appearance. Lower levels of stress and anxiety lead to healthier, younger skin. Increased circulation in the blood leads to more oxygen and nutrients being delivered to skin, giving it a healthy and youthful glow.


8. Headaches

Studies have also shown that regular hot tub use may reduce headaches. Tension often triggers these headaches, so when there is overall less tension in one’s life, headaches are not likely to occur as frequently.

Migraines may result from tension, so ultimately hot tub use reduces this type of migraine. Sinus headache sufferers will also benefit from steamy hot tub use, much in the same way that they benefit from drinking fluids, relieving congestion. And this steamy water will open your breathing passages in your sinuses and lungs.

So, as you are deciding whether to plunge in on that big purchase, keep these in mind. A hot tub isn’t just a splurge: it’s an investment for a lifetime of wellness in skin health, diabetes, pain reduction, stress levels and much more.

Happy Hot Tubbing from all of us at IHT Spas & Fireplaces in Denver!


The Author

Sloan Blanton

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