How Can A Hot Tub Enhance My Fitness Routine? Part 1

A fully integrated workout strategy should go beyond the actual workout to include important essentials such as nutrition, rest and recovery time.

This is the first post in a two part series on how a hot tub can improve your fitness routine.

Recovery refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s ability to repair itself. There are many facets to recovery, including hydration, stretching, stress management and developing the proper mental state.

How Can A Hot Tub Help Physical Recovery?

Your Caldera Spas hot tub can assist recovery in a variety of ways. While ice baths can help relieve pain and inflammation from a difficult workout, heat is also an essential component in the recovery process. Full immersion in hot water, combined with targeted jets can massage, loosen and recharge fatigued muscles.

How? Time in a hot tub will raise your body temperature, which dilates blood vessels. This process results in increased circulation, purging toxins and supplying nutrients that help cells and tissues regenerate.

Many hot tub users also report that time spent in their hot tub helps relieve joint pain and increases flexibility.

How Does Massage Help?

Massage has always been a major component of athletic recovery, but not everyone has access to a daily masseuse. However, those with a Caldera Spas hot tub do. With more powerful motors and strategically placed jets, our hot tubs can deliver a targeted, deep tissue massage to release tension from overworked, tight muscles or knots, soothe muscle spasms and diminish aches and pains. Caldera Spas hot tubs are designed with the power to deliver the type of deep massage some muscles require.

For a full-body, holistic approach, our hot tubs are also strategically designed to deliver Hot Tub Circuit Therapy, a seat-to-seat approach that targets all major muscle groups in the same way personal trainers construct a full-body workout. As you move about your hot tub, you can spend a few minutes on neck and shoulders, central back muscles, lower back, calves and thighs and even the bottoms of your feet.

Control the intensity of your spa by adjusting the jets. Ranging from a deep forceful massage to a gentle, relaxing sensation, pick the perfect setting for you.

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