Hot Tubs Lead to Sleep Benefits

Nowadays, we modern Americans live frantic, stressful lifestyles, even when we exercise and eat a well-balanced diet. Why is that, you ask? We can think of one major cause…

Research shows us that around 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders more than once weekly.

Harmful results of sleep deprivation include…

  • battered nerves,
  • memory lapses,
  • depression,
  • grogginess,
  • mood swings, and
  • lack of focus

It’s easy to reach for the over-the-counter medicine and prescription drugs, but remember that they cause potentially adverse side effects.

Hot tubs can induce sleep, which is a natural way to solve sleep issues. Another reason you get the bang for your buck. So, we recommend hot tubbing two hours before bedtime.

Studies show that hot water immersion prior to sleeping enables a transition into a deeper, more restful sleep. After you climb out of the tub, your body’s internal temperature drops, signaling to it that it’s time for rest.

The buoyancy of hot water reduces your body weight by 90%, relieving pressure on your muscles and joints, giving you a feeling of weightlessness. Plus…the sound of soothing water is mentally and emotionally recharging.

Invest in a hot tub today to look and feel younger tomorrow…you won’t regret it. 🙂


The Author

Sloan Blanton