How a Swim Spa Brings You Endless Enjoyment All Year

This is the year you’ll transform your backyard into a relaxation and entertaining oasis for your family and friends. What should you choose? A pool? A hot tub? A swim spa? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for you. If you’re still torn between a pool and a swim spa, the choice is clear: a swim spa brings you endless enjoyment all year. 


One of the first things you’ll discover when you start researching swim spas is how versatile they are! Unlike a pool, which is typically going to see the most use during summer months, a swim spa can provide exercise and enjoyment throughout the seasons. 

Through the summer you’ll be able to enjoy playing pool games with your kids as you try to beat the heat. As the cooler days of autumn set in, your swim spa will transition to heated water that you can enjoy as the outside temperatures drop. Don’t close it for the winter. A swim spa will allow you to experience both fitness and recreation in the great outdoors year round. 


Your backyard parties will be extra popular with a swim spa as the focal point of your gathering area. As the evening winds down, there’s no need to put an end to the fun! Guests can move to the swim spa to visit and share laughs and stories well into the night. 


It’s no secret that children will burn a ton of energy when they swim. Adults can get in on the benefit as well! A swim spa is also your own personal lap lane. We guarantee it will feel like one incredible workout as you let the water flow over you and you swim against the current. You’ll be able to get those recommended minutes of heart-healthy activity in the comfort of your own backyard. And the water flow is adjustable to accommodate novice to expert swimmers.


Most people can relate to the feeling of ending a long, stressful day at work. You wrap up for the day and just need to unwind. With a swim spa in your backyard, the answer is right in front of you. Jets will target your muscles, releasing tension and allowing the cares of your day or week to disappear. Or maybe you just finished a challenging workout that really pushed your muscles to the limit. Time spent soaking in the swim spa will help relieve muscle pain and even rehabilitate damaged muscles. 

Call the Experts

If you’re ready for swim spa enjoyment, make sure you call the experts! At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, we’ve proudly served the Denver area since 1978. Known for outstanding customer service and professionalism, we’re proud to offer the finest products and services available in the swim spa industry. Start enjoying the year-round benefits of a swim spa today! Visit us at one of our four locations, where you’ll receive knowledgeable service from our team. Call today for more information or to set up a test swim/soak to try before you buy. You won’t regret the endless enjoyment through all the seasons of the year.

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