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The 6-seater Marino® hot tub is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. It includes 35 hydromassage jets, providing a comprehensive massage experience for all who use it.


The UltraMassage® lounge contains angled calf jets as well as jets that soothe your neck, shoulders, and back as you sit comfortably reclined in the sculpted seating. On those days when your back endures a lot of stress, sit in the EcstaSeat® which massages large muscle groups along your spine or the LumbarSage® Seat which targets muscles in your lumbar region with a cluster of specially designed jets.
The Marino Hot Tub is perfect for any occasion, be it winding down after a long day or entertaining friends and family. A total of 35 spa jets are distributed throughout its 6 seats for a premium hydrotherapy experience.
Stimulate your senses even further through the multi-colored LED lighting embedded in the spa shell. Ten Mystique® Points-of-Interior Lights add a soft, colored glow to the water, enhancing the therapeutic effects and the overall mood of the spa environment.

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