Six Reasons Why You Need a Fireplace

Anyone who has ever had a fireplace in their home would never give it up. From warmth to beauty to a cozy place to relax, there are so many reasons people enjoy their fireplaces. If you’ve considered adding a fireplace to your home, but are still on the fence, stick with us. We’ll give you six reasons why you need a fireplace. 



A fireplace can improve the atmosphere and add ambiance to your home. After coming in from the cold during the winter months, it’s comforting to curl up by the fireplace to warm up. But you won’t be the only ones to enjoy a fireplace. When you throw a party, guests naturally gravitate towards the welcoming glow of the fireplace. You can also enjoy a quiet evening at home with a good book and a roaring fire. 


Increase the Value of Your Home

Studies show that when searching for a new home, a significant number of potential buyers look for a fireplace. Some buyers are so drawn to a fireplace that they’ll even make a higher offer on a home. Plus, like-minded people are also searching for ways to improve energy efficiency and decrease their utility bills. You’ll get a great return on investment when you add a fireplace to your home. 


Beautiful Design Element

If you’ve ever thought that your living room was a little lackluster, you can transform it with a fireplace. With a combination of hearths, mantels, inserts and more, you can create a truly eye-catching focal point for your living space. You’ll be amazed at how your living room will feel like a completely new room with the addition of the right fireplace. 


Heat Source During Storms

It’s no secret that winter storms can be unpredictable and wreak havoc on your home’s power supply. Put your mind at ease and ensure your home has a heat source during winter storms with a wood burning fireplace or insert. The weather can rage outside, but your family will be warm and cozy despite frigid temperatures. 


Lower Electricity Costs

Everyone loves to save money and adding a fireplace is a great way to do that. Whether you choose an electric, gas, or wood burning fireplace, you’ll save money each year on your utility costs. If your family is gathered in the living room and it’s still a bit chilly, turn to the fireplace rather than turning up the heat throughout the rest of your home. Your family will stay warm and toasty and you won’t run up your energy bill in the meantime. 


Add a Bit of Romance

One of the most important reasons that you need a fireplace is to add some romance. Forgot to make reservations? Can’t find a babysitter? No problem! Date night isn’t canceled; it’s just relocated to your living room. A fireplace can help create a romantic setting for an evening with the one you love. Select a playlist of romantic music, light some candles throughout the room and pick out your favorite bottle of wine. You can enjoy a fireside dinner, play games, or chat late into the night with your love. A beautiful date night from the comfort of your own home. 


If you were convinced by these six reasons why you need a fireplace, then it’s time to visit IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. We can help you find the perfect option for your home with our selection of gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces, including Kozy Heat. We do more than fireplaces, though! Once you’ve picked your perfect fireplace, check out our selection of hot tubs with lounge seats, swim spas, both new and preowned. Give us a call at 303-296-7727 to learn about our selection and ask for a free quote!

Kozy Heat
Kozy Heat fireplace

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