Setting Your Swim Spa Up for Success

Congratulations on deciding to take the plunge into purchasing a swim spa! Beneficial, convenient, and relaxing, a swim spa will take your overall health and wellness to a new level. There’s unmatched enjoyment for your whole family when you bring your perfect swim spa home. Here’s how setting your swim spa up for success will give you years of incredible enjoyment.

Considerations on Setting Your Swim Spa Up for Success

Before enjoying your swim spa, you have a few things to consider. Site selection and installation are two factors that are the most important. When looking at potential spots for your swim spa, consider if these areas are also easily accessible for delivery and set up.

Where is the best site location for your swim spa?

A swim spa does give you the flexibility to choose either an indoor or outdoor location. Regardless of location, here are some other factors you need to weigh.

  • Water drainage. Estimates about how much water a swim spa contains range anywhere from 1450 gallons for a small swim spa up to about 2500 gallons for a family-sized swim spa. Because a swim spa holds more water than a hot tub, maintaining water chemistry is easier, and you change the water less often than with a regular hot tub. However, there will be times that you will drain your swim spa, so you must plan where that water will go. Inside, you will need a way to drain your spa, as well as drainage in the floor to take care of water when you exit and use your spa. If you place your swim spa outside, then when you attach your garden hose to the drain spout, you’ll be able to navigate the water away from the immediate area.
  • Swim spa support. Another deciding factor concerning location is if the chosen site can support a heavy, water-filled swim spa. The foundation that supports your swim spa is vitally important, both indoors and out. The area chosen must be flat and level. 

Foundation Recommendations

Outdoors, most experts will recommend that you pour at least a 4-inch thick concrete pad reinforced with rebar. Larger spas may require a thicker concrete area for support. If you are entertaining the thought of indoor placement, basements are typically well suited for swim spas. Anything above ground level will require a structural engineer to assess your home. A determination will need to be made concerning the structural support and integrity of the area as it relates to supporting the weight of your swim spa. 

Delivery Success

When setting your swim spa up for success, don’t forget about delivery. Take a look at the path of that your swim spa will travel on the way to being installed. Consider potential problem areas like gates, roof overhangs, and overhead wires. Look at surrounding trees and shrubs and other landscaping and hardscaping. If choosing to take the swim spa inside, consider door openings, hallways, furniture, etc. A crane is often recommended and we can coordinate that for you.

Your Swim Spa Hero

At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, we’ve been serving our customers in the Denver area since 1978. With our exceptional customer service, professional factory-trained service coordinators and technicians, and top service and delivery options throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, you can rest assured that the swim spa you get from us will be delivered safely to your home. Think delivery could be difficult? No worries! We specialize in crane lifting and difficult delivery too. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of swim spa ownership. Come see us today at one of our four locations, and let our knowledgeable staff answer your questions. You can even set up a test swim/soak so that you can experience firsthand all the wonderful features of a swim spa. Soon your swim spa will be set for success.

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