Snow Monkeys On The Other Side of the World Keep Us Going

At International Hot Tub in Denver, we’re passionate about helping you meet your relaxation goals.

But sometimes even selling relaxation can be tiring. When we need a break and life happens, we take a moment to watch these viral videos from the inter-webs.

On the other side of the world, these little guys put humans to shame when it comes to hot tubbing and soaking.

Meet Japanese Macaques. AKA…Snow Monkeys.

Native to northern Japan, snow monkeys have the most northerly habitats of all non-human primates. They roam green forests in the summer, living off plants, soil, insects, fungi, ferns, seeds and raw fish.

But when winter rolls around, temperatures fall into the teens and snow covers the ground for four months. So, a band of Japanese snow monkeys climbs down steep cliffs to steamy hot springs in Hell’s Valley.

In 1963, Jigokudani Monkey Park was founded for tourists and researchers to enjoy these hot springs with our beloved monkey friends. Visitors have the option to choose between soaking in the hot springs with our monkey friends, or they can simply be spectators.

Macaques offer us a source of inspiration in Endless Pools as well, as they are capable of swimming half a kilometer without stopping.

And like Coloradans, they love high altitude… up to 10,433 feet deep in the Japanese mountains, to be exact.


– Sloan Blanton for the IHT Sales & Marketing Team


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Sloan Blanton

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