The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Hot Tubbing


Buoyancy, heat and massage create the wellness effects of hot tubbing. This is defined as hydrotherapy- the therapeutic use of warm water.

Our bodies weigh 90% less in water, reducing the pressure of gravity on our muscles and joints and therefore giving us a sense of weightlessness and buoyancy.

Heated water raises our body temperature, improving our blood circulation levels.

Also, hot tubs create a massaging effect, giving soakers reduced muscle/joint tension, pain reduction, improved stress levels, and mental relaxation. Warm water and air streams through hot tub jets, in effect relaxing our muscles and boosting endorphins.

Whether you’re an athlete, rock star, retiree, stay-at-home mom, day laborer, doctor, or busy business owner, you will reap benefits from hot tubbing!

Happy Hot Tubbing!

– Sloan for the IHT Sales Team

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