The Family’s Guide to Nailing Mother’s Day

This coming weekend, treat the mother in your life to something extra special! Here’s our guide to nailing Mother’s Day and giving her a celebration she won’t soon forget.

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Let Momma sleep in and prepare her a scrumptious but healthy Mother’s Day breakfast with some of her favorite foods. Here are a few menu items that taste amazing (and they’re easy for little ones to help make if they want to participate):

  • Chilled orange or cranberry juice
  • Her favorite coffee or tea
  • Fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.
    • Or even a creamy smoothie
  • Whole wheat avocado toast
  • Scrambled egg whites
  • Fruit parfait with yogurt, fruit, and granola

Load the tray with plates and bowls and carefully carry it to her in bed. It’s best to bring the drinks separately and to set them on a bedside table instead of on the tray to prevent spillage.

Plan a Mother’s Day Activity

What does Mom like to do? Does she like athletic activities, like hiking or biking? Or does she like doing creative things such as painting or scrapbooking? Or maybe she just likes doing relaxing things at home.

Whatever her hobbies and interests are, plan a day’s activity around them! Sign up for a group class or take a trip to a recreational area. Another idea is to make a lunch or dinner reservation at her favorite restaurant.

Or, give her the option to choose. She may want to go out on the town, or she may be perfectly happy simply hanging out at home reading, watching movies or playing games together as a family.

Spa Day at Home

mom enjoying mother's day with kids in a best life hot tub
This mom is enjoying a relaxing Mother’s Day spa day at home with her kids in a BestLife® hot tub.

After you’ve returned from her chosen activity, get everything set up for Mom to have a relaxing spa day at home. 

First, invite her to take a soak in the hot tub. Make sure it’s all up and running for her, so all she needs to do is put on her swimsuit and get in. As she soaks, turn the jets on to her favorite setting and, if you have an audio speaker, put on her favorite tunes to play quietly in the background. Then, let her have a little hydrotherapy me-time while you clean up everything from breakfast. 

Once her luxurious soak is done, have her towel, robe, and slippers ready for drying off. Present her with a gift basket filled with spa day goodies like a chilled or warmed gel eye mask, face mask, lotion, and nail polish in her favorite color. Then, get to pampering!

No Hot Tub? Schedule a Test Soak!

If your mom or spouse is missing out on a hot tub, no worries. Why not schedule her a free test soak as a Mother’s Day gift? To surprise her, tell her all she needs to bring is her favorite swimsuit and come along for the ride. Then, not only does she get a relaxing soak, but she can also choose which hot tub she wants in the backyard. Then Momma can get a break whenever she needs it — all year long.

At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, we have a wide selection of hot tubs from high-quality brands like BestLife®, Hot Spring®, Caldera®, and so much more. Stop by any of our 4 locations or contact us with any questions today.

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